Who is Cathy Areu? Is she still Single or Married? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

The 47 years' American journalist cum author, Cathy Areu who is one of the founding publishers of Catalina magazine is keeping her personal life secretive. Whether she is dating or married to someone is still a question mark for all his fans?


So considering all the curiosity of his fans, we have decided to find out some of the things about his personal life. Scroll down to know all about his life matters in this article as we have found something after a much deeper inspection. 

Is Cathy Areu Dating or Married?

Saying something of one's personal life without their confirmation is not a good thing. Journalist Cathy is one of those who always prefers to keep her personal life on the bay. Till the date, she has not shared any single information regarding her life. So, we cannot claim anything about Cathy's personal life matter.

CAPTION: Cathy Areu SOURCE: Collaborations

But as we go through the brief inspection of other tabloid sources, we have found different information. Some of the tabloid sources claim that she is married to a mysterious man. And it also argued that the couple is parents of two daughters. While some other says, she is in a dating relationship with a mysterious guy.

CAPTION: Cathy Areu SOURCE: Wiki Net Worth

However, all those tabloid sources have failed to keep a single proof regarding it. So all those information can be of their assumption. Without any prove it's wrong to claim anything about someones personal life. So to take a safe side, it better to say is that we have to wait for her to disclose about her life. 

Cathy Areu: An expert in Baby Care?

The American journalist or let's say an expert in child care, Cathy Areu has recently been seen as a "LIBERAL SHERPA" as in the topic of a diaper change. According to her, everybody should be asked before touching anyone even if it's a little infant who doesn't know how to talk. 

YouTube: Cathy Areu talking about changing diapers

According to Cathy, a child should be asked for permission for diaper change by his parents before changing his nappies. She also stated that the child would show signs of approval with body movements and other bodily gestures. 

People who have watched the video on the social media site YouTube have commented ill of the author. 

Ten Facts about Cathy Areu

1. Cathy Areu was born on February 15, 1971, in Summit, New Jersey. 
2. Cathy Areu birth sign is Aquarius.
3. Cathy Areu estimated net worth is $500 thousand.
4. Cathy Areu parents were electronic engineer and mathematician.
5. Cathy Areu started her professional career in 2000. 
6. Cathy Areu is graduated in journalism from Palm Beach Country school, and she also has earned a master degree in English education from Southern University.
7. Cathy Areu has the height of 5 ft 2 inch.
8. Cathy Areu is the founder of the Catalina Magazine. 
9. Cathy Areu worked as an adult education and Spanish teacher. 
10. Cathy Arey has a book named Latino Wisdom: Celebrity Stories of Hope, Inspiration, and Success to Recharge Your Mind, Body, and Soul.