Castle's Molly Quinn has 205k followers on Twitter, Quinn allegedly had affair with Christopher

June 21, 2015
First Published On: June 21, 2015
by HitBerry


Molly Caitlyn Quinn is an actress who primarily works in American films and television shows. Quinn has been a part of many films and TV series like We’re The Millers, A Christmas Carol, My One and Only and Winx Club. Her career profile also includes theatre. However, she is best-known for her work in the crime drama television series Castle, where she plays protagonist Richard Castle’s daughter. Though she was rumored to leave the show after Season 6, she continued playing her character.

Born in Texarkana, Texas, she is of American nationality.  Quinn began taking acting lessons from a retired director and producer at a young age of six. When she was in sixth grade, she auditioned at the Young Actors Studio for representatives from the Osbrink Talent Agency. Six months later, having completed trainings, she signed a contract with the agency. She lent her voice to the sentient computer ‘Fey’ from the podcast series, Welcome to Night Vale in March 2014.

Quinn is very private about her relationships except that there was news about her being in a relationship with her Avalon High co-star Christopher Tavarez during 2010.

Molly plays Alexis Castle, in ABC’s crime-drama, Castle. She plays the role of protagonist Richard Castle’s daughter who is wise beyond her years. Her onscreen role is academically excellent and attends Columbia University. In the show, her dad Richard Castle often seeks advices from her for advices to help solve different cases. She’s smart enough to apply for Stanford University!!

Quinn dated a guy named Ashley on ‘Castle’; whom her character met at a summer program at Princeton University.  Later, it was shown as they couldn’t keep up with the strains of the long distance relationship and eventually broke up in season 4.

Alexis shares an inseparable bond with her father. She is very supportive of her father’s affair with Kate Beckett. In the course of the show, she also develops a bond with Detective Beckett who later becomes her step-mom. The bond between them gradually weakens when Alexis starts to feel that her father isn’t getting the respect and involvement that he actually deserves from Beckett.

Richard Castle is portrayed by the hot and ‘ruggedly handsome’, Nathan Fillion. Even though he is a pretty cool person, he isn’t a very cool dad and is very protective about his baby girl. He is a writes detective novels. Through his politicians, he gets to work with Detective Kate Beckett and her team in solving cases, to find inspirations for his books.

Quinn is highly active on social media, Facebook and Twitter. She has tweeted 20.8k times so far. She has 205k followers and follows 94 twitteraties. However, Quinn is yet have to accounts on Instagram and Tumblr