Caspar Lee's gay rumors on internet. Also, know his affairs, dating history, and relationship

July 4, 2018
First Published On: June 20, 2017
by HitBerry

The full name of Caspar Lee is Caspar Richard George Lee. He is a British-born South African YouTube personality, actor, and a vlogger. Caspar Lee started his self-titled YouTube channel in the year 2011 and since then managed to win the hearts of millions.

As Caspar Lee did not talk openly about his dating life, people started claiming him as gay. So, what is the reality behind these rumors? Is he gay? Or what? Check out…

Caspar Lee's gay rumors

It's amazing how people claim gay only if sharing a quality time with same sex. YouTube personality Caspar Lee is also one of the victims of gay rumors. There were several rumors of his gay life.

The rumors hit the headline as he is often spotted together with his friend, Joe Sugg. Moreover, Lee and Sugg are spotted spending a qualitative time. It will be unfair to claim someone as gay just because they spend time with the same sex.

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Caspar Lee "How to Kiss" Caspar Lee "How to Kiss"  Source: ytimg

Who is Caspar Lee dating?

We tried to collect some of the detail information of his personal life that will make you all shocked. Moreover, you will be glad to know he is not a gay at all. While surfing around his official Instagram account, we come across his numerous photos with Madeleine (Maddie) Thea.

According to Teen, Lee found her love on Tinder. Funny, right? At the moment, he shares a healthy relationship with Madeleine (Maddie) Thea. The couple has openly talked and shared their relationship in their respective Instagram account. Have a look…

Caspar Lee and Madeleine (Maddie) Thea Caspar Lee and Madeleine (Maddie) Thea  Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Caspar Lee's Past Affairs

Caspar Lee's past affairs might be the best way to prove that he is not a gay. He shares a long list of dating life. In 2013, the news broke out claiming that he is dating Rebecca Black. They attended an Orlando Magic Basketball game with friend Marcus Butler.

In the same year, there were rumors of Lee dating fellow Lauren Elizabeth. They were rumored to spend quality time together and moved to LA. But there is no any definite news of their dating life thus the story faded away.

As per sources, Lee dated Alexa Losey back in 2013. He once dated Gabby Jones in the same year. The couple confirmed their dating life after Casper posted a video on YouTube titled "MEET MY GIRLFRIEND GABY." After a year, their relationship did not work out, and the couple broke up.

Last year, Lee posted a photo with the caption "Not Bad" which made everyone question if he was dating Emma Laven. Both Lee and Laven did not speak a word on their dating rumors. In 2014, Lee and Maise Williams started hanging out. He even included her in one of his videos "Bedroom Advice." The couple shared a good chemistry thus people claimed that they are dating.

So, would you still call him a gay even after his several relationships? Moreover, he is dating which is the definite proof to claim him straight.