Casey Neistat's Net Worth: His Sources of Income, House, Cars and more

HitBerryPublished on   22 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

YouTube has been a great platform to make money in recent times and it's helping a lot of people to become popular. With that being said, we're here with yet another YouTuber Casey Neistat, he's a Vlogger and co-founder of Beme; it's a multimedia company if you have no idea what it is. 


Today, we'll be discussing Candice Pool's husband Casey Neistat's net worth, alongside his sources of income and his career details. 37, Casey earns the tremendous amount of money throughout his career. So, let's find out where all his money came from.  

How much is Candice Pool's husband Casey Neistat's Net Worth?

Casey Neistat gained a huge attention in the year 2003 for a three-minute film "iPod's Dirty Secret" where he criticized Apple's lack of battery replacement program from the iPod. His that video has 1,645,932 views which earned him wide media attention.

Since then he is active in the field and is estimated to have earned a huge sum of money. 

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Neistat is a YouTube personality, vlogger, filmmaker, and co-founder of Beme, thus his net worth is estimated to be high as hell. Sources claim that Neistat's net worth is around $12 million. The way he represents himself, it looks like his net worth is higher than $12 million.

Casey Neistat's Sources of Income

You might know about his multimedia company "Beme". He along with his team had to pitch the idea to the investors and so did the company derive from his own fortune. But now, he sold "Beme" to CNN at worth $25 million.

He will still be working with CNN on what the Beme will look like in the nearby future. Neistat also explained that selling Beme was not like winning any lottery.

[ CAPTION: Casey Neistat ][ SOURCE: entrepreneur ]

Neistat is a YouTube personality and his videos gain around 1,249,270 daily views and the daily revenue is around $2,480.54. So, his monthly views become 37,208,100 and he monthly earns $74,416.20 monthly.

If you calculate, his yearly views become around 452,698,550 and he gets $905,397.10 as yearly revenue. If 35% to 40% tax is deducted then he gets $588,508.05 yearly. Isn't that a huge amount?

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Besides this, Neistat also directs television commercials and have already worked with the clients like Google, Finn Jewelry, Samsung, and Nike. No doubt, this definitely helped him to make such a huge net worth.

He even played in the film "Nerve" in the role of himself in 2016. He served as the director for "3X3" in 2011 and worked as an executive producer for "The Pleasure of Being Robbed" in 2008. Check out his youtube earning he shared on Twitter. 

          [ CAPTION: Casey Neistat earning ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Casey Neistat's House

Neistat owns a beautiful apartment in New York, USA and often shares his apartment videos on his YouTube channel. He also owns a simple yet stylish house in New London, Connecticut. In his videos, it looks like his house is full of expensive furniture and antique pieces.

Casey Neistat's Cars Collection

Neistat is fond of cars and loves to collect various models. Precisely, he has 1994 BMW 530I that would cost you from around $10,230 to $14,190. He often posts several pictures in different places with his luxury cars. Looking at his personality in his several videos, it can be seen he has a lavish life and earning a good sum of money. 

Furthermore, Neistat owns a Wrangler JK Jeep and the price of it is around $37,445. He also owns 1960s Ford Pickup Truck that costs over $44,000, but sadly it exploded.

We wish Casey for the bright future and success. He is still active in his profession and there is no doubt he will release several other videos by which his net worth will definitely rise in the near future.