Carrie Bickmore and boyfriend Chris, who have a 4 month old baby together, bonded over death of her husband and his brother

August 10, 2015
First Published On: August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

It’s never easy to lose someone you love. The feeling of losing someone can never be imagined by those who have not experienced the trauma before. And after four years, Carrie Bickmore has finally spoken about her late husband Greg. She also talked about how her boyfriend Chris also suffered from a trauma similar to the one she faced and how it eventually helped the two bond. This was all said as the TV presenter went on stage to collect the Logie Awards, one of the most prestigious jockey awards in Australia.

The “The Project” host, now age 34, dedicated her Gold Logie speech to her late husband, Greg Lange. Her husband had passed away back in 2010 after Greg lost his battle against brain cancer and the presenter took the opportunity to tell the world about the disease in a heart melting speech.

Chris Walker, who is her boyfriend and the father of her 2 month old daughter, watched on as his girlfriend spoke these words of inspiration as the whole nation listened quietly.

Bickmore, on a previous publication, had spoken about her boyfriend Chris.

'He lost his brother in a car accident, I think that's why I connected with him - he had an understanding of what I'd experienced through his own experience.'

At the May 3 award, Carrie spoke about the disease from which he had died.

 'He [Greg] was a great father and great husband. He wore lots of hats to hide his scars and I would tell him "don't be embarrassed.Brain cancer is something very close to my heart. In 2010 my husband Greg was one of the unlucky ones. After a long, long, long battle, he died of brain cancer.” After catching her words for a moment, she continued.

“Over ten years I watched him suffer multiple seizures a day, lose feeling down one side of his body, saw his three-year-old push him in his wheelchair because he couldn't walk anymore.

Carrie also urged Australians to wear a beanie in memory and to spread awareness about brain cancer the following day at work.

'He [Greg] used to wear a lot of beanies because he felt embarrassed about his scars. Beanies are really cool. Whack on the beanie tomorrow... I want to get the nation talking about brain cancer.'

The following day, every Australians were supportive as pictures of people wearing beanies flooded social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Not only this, even celebrities wore the finest of beanies to support Carrie's plight.

Carrie’s passion for her work is a hugely appreciated personality trait of the hot presenter. A dedicated worker, she however admits that she would love to spend time with her seven year old son Ollie, whom she had with her late husband.

'I don't get to see my son at dinner each night, or pick him up from school and all those kind of things. But I do [the job] because I love it.'

Well, she’s in the middle of choosing between job and family. Although this always remains a hard decision, hope she manages her work and spends more time with her wonderful baby.