Caroline Stanbury is Living Happily with Husband and Children, Know her past Relationship and Affairs

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two hearts. Everyone wants a successful and happy married life but only a few of them are lucky to have it. Caroline Stanbury and her former husband Cem Habib were considered to be one of the luckiest couples to have a successfully married life. However, everything changed in 2019.


Are you wondering who Caroline Stanbury is? Well, she is none other than an English personal stylist and television personality better known for the American reality television series Ladies of London. Her fans are eager to know more about her married life with her previous husband, Cem Habib. Did the couple welcome any children together? Keep scrolling to know everything about her present marriage life and her past married relationship!

Who is Caroline Currently Married Too?

As of now, Caroline Stanbury is married to her beloved husband, Sergio Carrallo aka Sergio José Carrallo Pendás. Her husband is a professional football player. 

The romantic couple tied the knot with each other on December 18, 2021. Caroline and Sergio often share each other photos on their respective social media handle. They aseem to be enjoying their life lavishly as they are often seen traveling in different places.

Caroline Stanbury Was Previously Married To Cem Habib And Children

The Ladies of London star, Caroline Stanbury was previously married to Cem Habib. Her former husband Cem is a Turkish finance worker who is a partner at investment firm CIS Private Equity Management Ltd. Furthermore, he previously worked for Cheyne Capital as a hedge fund manager. 

[ CAPTION: Caroline Stanbury and Cem Habib on their wedding ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The former duo shared their vows in 2004. Before getting married, they dated each other for about a year. In 2007, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter Yasmine Habib. Likewise, Stanbury gave birth to her twin sons Zac Habi and Aaron Habib in 2011. 

[ CAPTION: Caroline Stanbury and her family ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Along with their profession, Stanbury and Cem were successfully maintaining their family too. Stanbury has moved to Dubai along with her former husband and children for her husband's work.

[ CAPTION: Caroline Stanbury and her husband ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The duo were living happily with their amazing kids. They provide their equal time to family too. However, everything changed in 2019, as the couple filed the divorce after fifteen years of togetherness. The news shocked everyone out there. 

As it seems, Caroline Stanbury and her former husband, Cem Habib were not in the same term. During an interview Caroline stated,

“I know it sounds cliché, but we just grew apart, We didn’t enjoy the same things. We weren’t holidaying together. I mean, I used to get it all the time from my Instagram [followers]: 'Where’s your husband, where’s your husband, where’s your husband?'"  

Caroline Stanbury Past Relationships

Before getting married to her husband Cem, Caroline dated few other guys. While working in PR, Stanbury met an actor Hugh Grant and started dating. But they failed to continue their relationship and finally separated. 

[ CAPTION: Caroline Stanbury and Hugh Grant ][ SOURCE: TheSun ]

Likewise, Stanbury further dated Prince Andrew in 2000 after Andrew got marriage split from Duchess of York. Andrew even took Stanbury to the Martha's Vineyard Gala with Bill and Hillary Clinton. But they had to separate because their relationship was distracted by the press attention of the public.

After being separated from Andrew, Stanbury dated Sylvester Stallone but again failed in her relationship. In the same way, Stanbury further dated a footballer Ryan Giggs. But at the same time, Ryan was also in a relationship with his future wife, Stacey Cooke. However, Stanbury and Ryan had to end their relationship in 2002 after Cooke got pregnant.

[ CAPTION: Caroline Stanbury and Ryan Giggs ][ SOURCE: Gittyimages ]

Well, even after several unsuccessful relationships, the renowned television personality Stanbury has got a perfect partner. Since a long time, the lovebirds are still together and are living happily with their adorable children.