Caroline Mulroney In Her First Campaign Promises To Bring Vital Change

February 6, 2018 by David Cole

On 4 February 2018 Caroline Mulroney announce her candidacy for Ontario Progressive Conservation (PC Party) and Promises to bring vital changes on her first campaign.  


Caroline Mulroney was born to former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and wants to continue her life serving people like her father. That is why she wants to make a major change and provide the citizen better future.

Though Mulroney decides to make major changes she will be using the earlier leader’s platform at the beginning to give her plan perfect figure.

She Said, “The previous Platform came out of a grassroots effort that involved the entire party”. Mulroney also added that when she won she will support child care rebates & cuts in hydro price.

The earlier leader of the PC Party was Patrick Brown who resigned after a sexual misconduct allegation. The allegation was made by 2 women but is not verified yet. The Party is really scrambled and desperate search of wish leader like Mulroney.

Before announcing her selection Mulroney was a businesswoman and a lawyer. Mulroney spent 5 years in America and now she is back to Toronto. Mulroney must be back to make changes in the present government as she promises to bring major changes in future