Caroline Kennedy's long distance marriage: Husband Edwin flies to Tokyo every 3 weeks to meet the mother of his children

August 10, 2015
First Published On: August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Caroline Kennedy, president Obama’s ambassador to Japan, is feeling very lonely in Tokyo. Kennedy has been staying in Tokyo, away from her family and it seems like she misses them a lot. Her husband, Edwin Schlossberg, flies to Tokyo every three weeks to meet the mother of his three children, but it’s hardly enough. Kennedy has gone on record saying that being apart from her family is very difficult and she misses her husband and her kids very much.

Living away from the family is certainly taking a toll on Kennedy. She barely has time to talk to her husband and kids. We hear that since her job as an ambassador keeps her really busy and she is finding it difficult to make time for her family. Creating a good work-life balance is often pretty hard, but this talented woman is trying her best to work out these issues.

However, recently, there have been rumors that her marriage has been suffering due to her work and there are even talks of the couple getting divorced. Reports suggest there might be some trouble in their marriage owing to the fact that Kennedy and Schlossberg are living half way across the world. Although none of these rumors have been confirmed yet, we hope everything is well in the family. 

Caroline Kennedy, apart from being an ambassador to Japan, is also an author and an attorney. She is a prominent member of the Kennedy family. Her parents are President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. She was just short of her sixth birthday when her father was assassinated.

Kennedy attended Radcliffe College and graduated from there. She then worked at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she met her future husband Edwin Schlossberg. He was an exhibit designer there. Most of her professional life has centered around politics and law. She is also involved in education reform and charity work. She has acted as a spokesperson for her family’s legacy. Apart from that, she has co-authored two books with Ellen Alderman.

Caroline, age 57, was born in New York City. She has two younger brothers. They are John Junior and Patrick. Patrick was delivered prematurely and he died two days after his birth. She lived with her family in Georgetown, Washington DC during the first 3 years of her life. Her father became the President of the United States when she was three years old. Then, they moved to the White House.

She and her brother John were very close. Especially after her mother’s death in 1994, they became closer. Then in 1999, her brother died in a plane crash. This made her the sole surviving child of the former President’s family.

Caroline and Edwin got married in 1986 in Our Lady Victory Church in Centerville, Massachusetts. Her wedding dress was to die for. She looked radiant and really beautiful. Caroline is often called Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. But she never officially changed her name when she got married. She has three children named Rose, Tatiana and John.

Caroline is quite active in the social media. She has over eight thousand fans on her Instagram page and a few thousand in her Twitter account. She regularly tweets and posts pictures on these sites.