Caroline Catz talks about her movies and TV shows.

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Beautiful actress Caroline Catz is best known for her role as Louisa Glasson in Doc martin since 2004. A British film, television and radio actress has echoes of her character Louisa in her looks too. In the series, Catz looks more floral and feminine.

While filming in Cornwall Catz said, I’m never quite sure where Louisa ends and I begin, because there is something about this place – the landscape, the sea, the beautiful vistas as well as the character herself – that gets beneath your skin in a wonderful sort of way.” She describes the role as the best job in the world and she loves being in Cornwall and loves being Louisa.

She says, “But for me, one of the appeals of Doc Martin is that it inhabits an entirely credible make-believe world with its own rules, sense of time, space and even fashion”

Catz seems to be very closer to that place’s beauty along with her character Louisa. She says the role is too good and too much fun.

Like her TV series Doc Martin, she enjoys her all other series and her characters. She would love to portray the characters that could be directly or indirectly linked with her real life.

45 years old Catz is happily married to her husband Michael Higgs whom she met on the ses of the series The Bill. The family lives in North London with their children, Sonny, and Honour.  

There seems much love between the couple married since 19 years. Catz said, I am so fond of him (Martin Clunes) and look forward to working with him because he makes the whole thing so much fun. Needless to say, in real life, he is nothing at all like the Doc. He’s funny, empathetic easy-going- the reverse of his character”

Till the date, Catz’s magnificent acting is only being limited up to TV shows but being an actress Catz might have the desire to work in big-budget movies too. She is enjoying her roles in television, though.

Manchester-born Catz started acting since through a struggling phase in 1990 with minor roles. Her real name is Caroline Caplan but on registering Equity, she discovered that the actress with the same name has already registered so she had to change her professional name and became Caroline Catz.

Currently, she is regular on the series DCI Banks as Detective Inspector Helen Morton.

Catz has even co-starred in radio play broadcast by BBC Radio 4 as Déjà vu on 4 February 2009. And she has performed in stage production like On Emotion, Shopping and Fucking and Top Girls.

Her other TV shows credits have included All Quiet on the Preston, The Vice, and Single Handed. Her net worth is at $1.2 million.