Carol Vorderman proud of her now Cambridge-graduate daughter, Carol apparently had plastic surgery and still looks super-fab at 54,

July 15, 2015
First Published On: July 15, 2015
by HitBerry

Carol Vorderman's daughter Katie made her mother 'proud' as she followed in her footsteps and graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Science.

Vorderman, who herself completed her engineering degree at Cambridge 34 years ago, was said she was very proud of her 23 year old daughter. She shared her happiness with her fans and followers by posting a snap of them both on Twitter.

Speaking to Mailonline the newly blonde Vorderman said, “I’m so proud. We’re one of the very few mother and daughter duos who've done science and engineering at Cambridge.”

“She’s way beyond me now!’ the 54 year old mother of two joked.

 “I’ve always encouraged her to pursue sciences. But she’s doing it because she loves it,” she said.

 The Brainbox Katie has already started a high-powered summer job at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in the US and will begin a PhD in Physics and Chemistry this October.

Vorderman is very positive about encouraging young people to maximize their scientific potential. She coaches children via her Maths Factor project and is delighted things are changing for women in scientific fields.

“It’s nothing like my day. I think I was probably in the first 50 to 100 women who ever studied engineering at Cambridge, it was that rare. It’s a lot better now”, she said.

The star who was married twice has a son named Cameron age 18 with her second husband Patrick King. The talented British Media Personality is all set to become a qualified pilot and she is preparing herself for a round the world solo flight.

Vorderman is extremely glad that her ambitious step has encouraged other woman to take the routes traditionally undertaken by men.

“It’s about making it mainstream. When I did my first solo flight, I was the first person to do it live on television, and suddenly there was a plethora of women booking lessons, saying, “I’ve never thought about that, I thought men did that!””

Vorderman is best known for co-hosting the popular game show Countdown for 26 years from 1982 until 2008. Her career reached the ultimate height when she joined Channel 4 as the host of the show.

She is very popular for presenting various other shows like ITV’s Better Homes and The Pride of Britain Awards, Have I Got News for You, The Sunday Night Project and Lorraine. She also hosted the ITV’s famous show Loose women from 2011 to 2014. She also backed up Jeremy Clarkson on the ongoing debate over whether Jeremy Clarkson was offered his ‘Top Gear’ role back, after being sacked.She stated that she saw the offer being made in The May Fair Hotel, London.

She is basically well known for her fit and curvy figure which she is not ashamed to flaunt. Her sexy body has always been the talk of the town. Her hourglass figure has attracted millions of eyes.In fact, the striking star’s perfect bum provoked quite a reaction on Twitter last year.

Her fans took on Twitter showering praise on her perfect demeanor.

“Carol Vorderman's arse in that dress is mighty.”

“Carol Vorderman's got a body and half hasn't she?!”

“I'd die for Carol Vorderman's bum.”

“Carol Vorderman looks soooo good for her age.”

“Carol Vorderman's bum should receive a pride of Britain award.”

Her curvy hips and wrinkle free bubbly face has raised questions of whether this aged beauty has had any plastic surgery or not. But in an interview back in 2007, Vorderman said that she is never go under the surgeon's knife to obtain a flawless complexion.

She said, “Age doesn’t bother me. You get to a point where you realise you’re never going to be perfect, but you deal with it. I’m happy with my appearance and very comfortable in my skin.

“I find people’s obsession with age funny. I’m not up for plastic surgery. I think if you do anything on your face you’re taking a risk. I’ve still got my wrinkles.”

This really proves that Vorderman indeed is a woman with beauty, brain and perfection and no matter how old she gets, she will always look fabulous.