Carol Costello and her husband, Timothy Law Snyder on the road to divorce?

March 25, 2016
First Published On: March 25, 2016
by HitBerry

Regarded as one of the most beautiful reporters of all time, Carol Costello needs no introduction. From airing 9/11 attacks to presidential report, she has done it all.

In 2004, she married Timothy Law Snyder and they have been together ever since. Prior to her marriage, there are no records of her being in a relationship with anyone but that might just be her keeping it closed to public.

Carol and Timothy met when Carol interviewed him for the Powerball lottery won. With this and that happening, they fell in love and are living happily. They don’t have any children that the sources know of. Carol likes to keep her private life away from the limelight of media. This may because the life of the reporter is always at risk my opposing parties and it might be best that she does not reveal her relatives as well.

There are various rumors of her getting divorced from Timothy. Also they have not been asked directly about the issues, there are not any proven authenticity. It is most likely just another hoax. They seem as happy and as lively as ever and there seem to be no problem in their married life as well. Her husband seems to be very supportive of her and vice versa. Furthermore, as both are in their fifties, it might be a high time for them to think about a child.

Starting her career from WAKR-TV, Carol has come a long way in her career. She had also worked in WBAL-TV, 10-TV. Her talent caught a lot of attention and in 2001, she was approached with a job in CNN. Dream of every reporter is to work in agency like CNN. She took the proposal and ever since she has been one of CNN’s best. Around the time she joined CNN, she was even considered best looking reporter in CNN. Even now, at her fifties, she is still as appealing as ever.

With her 5 feet 8 inch height and her appealing body measurement, she looks as stunning as she ever was. Now she is considered as one of the hottest women past fifties.

She has a significant amount of Twitter followers and she is active in Instagram as well. She has posted several of her wedding photos there for her fans to see.

Uncompromising at her task, she seems to have a pretty pleasant personality. Her co-workers state that she is easy to work with and able to satisfy the need of the audience and her employer as well. She has never been fired or received any complaints regarding her job.

Currently, Carol is working as the host of morning show CNN Newsroom. She is one of the most desired news reporter. Her talent in this business has made her one of the best in the industry. The fact that she is currently an on-live reported in CNN further increases her worth.

Much like her personal life, he has also not disclosed her net worth, but considering her tenure and talent, her salary must be attractive.