Carol Burnett's Love Life: A Comprehensive List Of Husbands And Boyfriends

Carol Burnett, the talented comedian, actress, and singer, is widely recognized for her role as the host of "The Carol Burnett Show." Her ability to bring laughter to audiences and showcase her versatile talents has made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. 

In her personal life, Burnett has been married to Brian Miller. She had two previous husbands, Joe Hamilton and Don Saroyan. Let's take a deeper dive into her married life.

Married To Brian Miller

Carol Burnett tied the knot with Brian Miller on November 24, 2001. Their wedding marked a significant chapter in the comedian's life. But it was a bittersweet time as it occurred merely two months before the passing of her oldest daughter, Carrie, who succumbed to lung cancer-related pneumonia. 


Carol Burnett and her husband, Brian Miller SOURCE: Pinterest

Carol and Brian have chosen to keep much of their married life private. They have made only a few public appearances together, allowing their relationship to flourish away from the public eye. 

How Did The Comedian Meet Her Husband?

Carol and Brian first crossed paths in Long Beach, California. At the time, she was in town for one of her shows. She was here to showcase her comedic talents to the delight of her audience. Little did she know that this trip would lead to a significant chapter in her personal life. 

The details of Miller and Burnett's initial meeting may be a private part of their love story. But the connection they formed that day set the stage for a lasting relationship. 

About Carol's Husband

Brian Miller has had an impressive career in the music industry. A skilled musician, he serves as the principal drummer in the prestigious Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Before taking on this role, he worked as the orchestra's personnel manager. 


Carol Burnett and Brian Miller at an event SOURCE: Pinterest

Brian's influence extends beyond his performances. He also serves as a music contractor for renowned venues such as the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. 

Previous Marriages

Joe Hamilton

Carol Burnett and her ex-husband, the late Joe Hamilton shared a significant chapter of their lives. Their union spanned over two decades. The former couple was married from May 4, 1963, until May 11, 1984. The two had previously gone on a trial separation in 1982.

Despite the eventual end of their marriage, the years Carol and Joe spent together contributed to the growth and experiences that shaped both of their lives. 

How Did The Comedian Meet Joe?

Burnett and Hamilton's paths first crossed in the vibrant world of television. They met while working at "The Garry Moore Show." She showcased her comedic prowess on the show, while he joined as a producer in 1958. 


Carol Burnett and her ex-husband, Joe Hamilton SOURCE: Pinterest

Carol and Joe's collaboration on this program became the backdrop for the beginning of their connection. The shared experiences laid the foundation for their connection.

What Ended The Marriage?

The pressures of Carol's career, with long hours and constant commitments, took a toll on her marriage. As mentioned in Showbiz Cheatsheet, this strain may have been a contributing factor to the eventual end of her union with Joe. 

In retrospect, Burnett faced challenges due to her conflict-avoidant personality. She has described it as having "People Pleaser's Disease." She revealed that her fear of sounding 'aggressive' or expressing anger hindered her from addressing issues head-on. This reluctance to communicate her true feelings also contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. 

Don Saroyan

Carol Burnett's first marriage was to Don Saroyan, her college sweetheart. The two tied the knot on December 15, 1955, embarking on a journey together during the early stages of Burnett's career. 

However, despite the initial promise of love and commitment, Carol and Don's paths eventually diverged. It led to their divorce in 1962.

Met In College

Carol and Don's story began during their college years. Her family had relocated from Texas to Los Angeles when she was a teenager. She attended Hollywood High before pursuing her passion for drama at a nearby university. 

It was at UCLA that the comedian crossed paths with Don, as mentioned in an article from Hollywood Life. The university became the backdrop for their budding romance. 


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