Carmen Electra's Unsucessful Marriage, who is she Dating currently?

Lots of celebrities hit the limelight when it comes to their personal life. Love affairs and break ups are the main reason, often celebrities come in the news. Today's news is no different than that. Carmen Electra is an American actress who had bad relationships in the past which turned from bad to worse as the day passed by.

If you look back at her relationships, you will notice that she was married twice and has been engaged with few celebrities. Most of the celebrities professional and personal life doesn't go along.

Carmen Electra dates in 2017

The 45-year-old actress Carmen Electra is recognized mostly for her role as Lani McKenzie on the television series Baywatch. After debuting in the industry with a movie American Vampire, this actress has come a long way as one of the best actresses in Hollywood.

Her last movie was Perfect Catch and since then she had kept her personal life away from the media and somehow maintained a low-key life. But her fans are eager to know what she has been doing in recent days? Is she dating someone? As far as we know in May 2017, Carmen launched lingerie line and revealed that she is single.

Carmen Electra ,Source: CelebMafia

Some of the sources have revealed that Carmen is currently single. But this might be just a rumors. Despite being in her 40s it's hard to believe this gorgeous still in her single life.

American Vampire was previously married not once but twice. Her failed relationship and married life maybe the one reason, Electra haven't jumped into any relationship yet.

Carmen Electra strips down to black lace lingerie in photo shoot after recent partying at Coachella, Source:The Sun

Judging from her Instagram post, Carmen is seen some of the men, snapping pictures. However, they are just their co-stars and close friends.

Still, in her age, Carmen is looking gorgeous and maintaining body figures and looking beautiful as always. It might not be wrong to say Electra can still win hearts of many hunks Hollywood. Besides her love life, what is she doing in 2017?

Carmen Electra ar Baywatch, Source: The Sun

But in April bombshell Carmen is spotted with the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson at multiple occasions.

In 2017, Carmen is busy with her photo shoots and TV show as in April Electra stripped down completely to black lingerie after recently partying at Coachella.

Cameron and Tommy Lee right after party at Coachella. source: Logo

In the upcoming year, the actress will appear in the biographical documentary, Finding Sandler. Apart from these, it doesn't look like she has any other project.

Carmen Electra past relationship and love affairs

It's obvious that when you are celebrities than with no doubt, you have past relationship and love affairs in the past. Carmen is no exceptional case. With failed marriage and some break ups, Carmen love life never took a smooth road.

Back in 1998, Carmen dated an NBA star, Dennis Rodman. After some months of the relationship, they married in the same year at Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas.But this marriage turned into chaos after Rodman filed for annulment claiming he was of "unsound when the couple wed".

Dennis Rodman and  Carmen Electra Source: For The Win - USA Today

However, they carried on their married life for another five years and decided to end it. Carmen with lots of emotion opened about brief marriage to Dennis in 2014 and said she started drinking after splitting with Dennis.

Carmen Electra and David  Navarro, Source: Daily Mail

Just after few years, Electra married for the second time with the lead guitarist Dave Navarro for the band Jane's Addiction. Their whole marriage was documented in an MTV  reality television show named "Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave".Like her previous relationship, this married life of Carmen didn't have a happy ending as on July 17, 2016, Carmen and Navarro announced their separation.

Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra, Source: Daily Mail

On February 20, 2007, their divorce was finalized. In April 2008, Electra shocks her fans when the rumors of her engagement with Rob Patterson spread like a wildfire on the internet. However, they didn't bother to take their relationship to another level.

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson, source: Zimbio

Americans Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was linked with Carmen for short period in 2012. In 2014, Carmen opens about a brief relationship with Simon and says he's awesome and charming.