Carla Ferrell's Net worth and Career - Quartet of Steve Harvey Morning Show

HitBerryPublished on   17 Oct, 2016Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

Carla Ferrell is a famous program presenter of the 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show'. She is the co-hosts of this radio show which is very much popular in the United States of America. It is a syndicated talk show where her programs associates are Premier Radio Network and Inner City Broadcasting Corporation.

Before being in the show Carla Ferrell worked on many radio stations, she is a very experiences radio program presenter. She is a very popular for every program she does. Carla is a self-made woman who came to this point with her own effort.



Net Worth of Carla Ferrell

As being said Carla Ferrell is in one of the most popular radio show 'The Steve Harvey Morning Show', she definitely must have a high income. She has already crafted her name in the field of the entertainment business in bold letters. She started a career in this field since a long time and have gained lots of experiences.

Carla Ferrell broad knowledge and proficiency in this field makes her one of the wanted radio personality amongst all. She is specially hired for conducting programs as per her high skill and is equally paid.  Her salary depends on upon the standard or category of the program she does.

Carla Ferrell net worth is no doubt in a high range as we can see her million dollars work.  According to an online site wiki networth she gets the estimated salary of $56500 annually.

Carla Ferrell Career

Carla Ferrell who seems to be in her early 30's has gained desirable success in her life. The Chicago-born radio star started her career being in KMJQ-FM in Houston. There she worked as a show producer and co-host.

Then Carla Ferrell joined WGCI-FM where she was shortly promoted to assistant program director. She has also worked as a radio executive as well as a radio commentator.



Carla Ferrell has not only used her skill in the field of radio but also has been the director of the Premiere Networks show named The Sweat Hotel since 2007. Being the program director of the Emmy-winning show The Steve Harvey Show she has made a great effort to uplift the show.

Carla with her great talent has been able to draw the attention of millions of listener every week.

Carla Ferrell with her husband

Carla Ferrell with her husband

Carla Ferrell and Steven Harvey rumour

It's no secret that Carla Ferrell and Steven Harvey were a rumor to have affair. They were said to be dating each other but issue went so far that news came out that Steve Harvey was being blackmailed, forced and threatened by Carla Ferrell.

Carla Ferrell threatened Steven saying that she will expose and go public about them being in a relationship. Carla was also insinuating others Steven to be her daughter Tosha's father. The same source also revealed that Carla was cheating on her retired police officer husband named Tosh Ferrell.