Carey Mulligan is Living Happily with her Husband Marcus Mumford and Children

January 22, 2018
First Published On: January 22, 2018

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two hearts. Everyone wants a successful and happy married life but only a few of them are able to have it. Well, an English actress and singer Carey Milligan is one of them to have a successful married life. 

The gorgeous actress Mulligan tied a knot to the lead singer of the band Mumford & Sons in Marcus Mumford in April 2012. Today we will discuss in details about her married life and children. To know everything about it, keep scrolling.

Carey Mulligan Is Married to Marcus Mumford

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford were childhood pen palls but they lost their touch when they were adult. But luckily the couple met each other back in 2012 and soon started dating.

However, before dating each other, Marcus was in a serious relationship with Laura Marling but separated in 2010. 

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As per the rumors, both of them grew up in a religious family until they were about 12 years old. But none of them has openly talked anything about the topic. 

After dating for less than a year, Mulligan and Marcus shared their vows on April 2012. The wedding was held in front of 100 guests on a farm in Somerset. On their wedding, only close friends and relatives were invited. 

[ CAPTION: Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford during their marriage ]
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After their marriage, in an interview with The Telegraph in 2013, Mulligan said that she and Marcus both write letters to each other. And she further added,

"I think they're becoming a lost art form, which is very sad. To have a love letter from someone, to hold it in your hand and know that you can keep it for your whole life... well that's an amazing thing."

[ CAPTION: Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford ]
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It has already been five years that, the couple got married. And still both the couple are living a happily married life and are happy to have each other in their life. Besides this, the couple hasn't faced any rumors of their divorce. 

Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford Welcomed Their Second Child

The actress Mulligan and singer Mumford are now the parents of two children as they have recently welcomed their second child. They welcomed their first child, a daughter Evelyn Grace Mumford in September 2015.

[ CAPTION: Carey Mulligan and Marcus with their first child ]
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Mulligan mostly keeps her personal details out of reach the people. Mulligan never confirmed her pregnancy before she gave birth to her first child. And Mulligan again repeated the same thing for the second time as she welcomed her second child in August 2017 without her confirmation of pregnancy. 

[ CAPTION: Mulligan and Marcus spotted with their children ]
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As Mulligan keeps her personal details away from people, she and her partner have intended to keep their children away from the paparazzi. And yet they haven't revealed the gender of their newly born baby. Hope they soon reveal it.  

Moreover, in her previous interview with New York Daily Mulligan has already told that she would teach her daughter the life lesson about: "No makeup, no piercing, no tattoos."