Canadian-American Actor Jim Carrey living happily after second divorce with Melissa Womer in 1995

December 13, 2016
First Published On: December 13, 2016

Jim Carry is often blamed for being a loner of his past women. He has been in and out of a married relationship two times in his life. When he was divorced with Melissa Womer we thought it was all over but Jim still keeps being tangled into women related cases. The man who is always pushing forward to add smiles to people's face doesn't seem that happy in his person life because of the women around him. 

The famous Hollywood actor was recently tangled into his girlfriend's suicide case which resulted in Carry's innocence. Jim officially divorced his wife Melissa Womer 1995 in LA court followed by a lot of dispute and media attention. So if you wonder went wrong between them about two decades ago then we are here to spread a light into the situation.

Though there are some stories which point that Jim had a wife before Melissa but it seems like there are not too many stories to tell about the women before Melissa.

The couple mate each other when Jim Carry was a standup comedian and Melissa was a waitress in a comedy store. The couple was together in hard times when they had to survive on a chilly and a bread but when Jim gained a little name and fame the relationship grew enough of problems to slide them away. 

The Couple married each other after conceiving Jane Carrey 

Jim and Melissa dated for three years and finally married after Jane was conceived by the couple. DADA standup comedy was paying off for Jim and the couple was finally able to get a life for them. the wedding was held in mahi-mahi Santa Monica, California.

So, If everything was going so peacefully what exactly went wrong?

Jim, in reality, is a victim of mood swings, he sometimes becomes a longer which is what we have known from all of his past girlfriends. Carry had a split personality kind of thing just like his role in "Me Myself And Irene"  he acted as if he was a caring husband and lover in a moment and in another moment he was a loner. Things got hard to handle with Jim when he was emotionally involved with the co-actress Lauren Holly while making Dumb and dumber. 

We don't know what was the reason of his trial but it looks like Jim was bored with the fights that he and  Melissa had to go through every day in and day out. The couple finally separated from each other in 1995 sitting with USD $25,000 as a child support money every month for Jane and 2 million dollars as a settlement for his former wife Melissa.

Is Jim Carry happy now?

Though Jim has always been around women related problem his life now looks way to carefree than it was with Melissa. We have seen the actor at his best as well as in his worst side of life but as far as I know, a person who wants to stay alone should be left alone.  

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