Canadian actress Melanie Papalia, notorious for dating costars, has a new boyfriend - music produce Edward Maya

HitBerryPublished on   15 Sep, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Melanie Papalia, the sexiest women according to the website, has been known for her flirtatious behavior and sexy body. She is also known for dating her co-stars from the movies she has been a part of and is rather open when asked about her numerous affairs.

Her most media crunching affair was with her American Pie: Book of love co-star John Patrick Jordan, with whom she was very intimate. The couples were seen together about almost everywhere and they did not shy away from cameras either. Instead, they welcomed the attention and rather enjoyed it. They were together for almost a year and six months, after which they reportedly split on mutual consent. Both still maintain cordial relationships with each other.

Melanie’s other relationship exploits includes another of her co-star from the 2007 critically acclaimed movie Postal. She dated her Postal co-star David Huddleston and the couples were seen in romantic moods throughout the production. They were seen by paparazzi going on vacation to Mexico too.  

Unlike her relationship with John, it ended on a sad note with David, with the two of them not being able to stand each other at all. After she called it quits with David, she remained single for quite a while and was rather dubious when it came to dating any person.

After years of remaining single she is finally in a relationship and this time, she has said she is very serious about it and plans on securing it through marriage in the near future. She is currently dating DJ, musician and producer Edward Maya. The couple were recently seen holidaying in Ibiza, Spain.

Melanie has had a rather successful career as a movie actress. Her most prominent role was when she stared alongside Hollywood big name Halle Berry in the 2009 drama film Frankie and Alice. She has over twenty movies under her name and a dozen TV shows too. Her most important TV role was for the hit TV show Suits in which she has a recurring role all thorough the series. Apart from movies and TV shows, she has also given voice over for several video games.

Melanie’s ethnicity is of British and French descent and she lives in Vancouver, Canada. Her nationality is Canadian and she is very proud of it. She represents her country wherever she goes by means of Tourism promotion. She is also very active on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, she has over 11K followers and can be followed under the username @melanie_papalia. She  is a regular on Instagram too, when it comes to posting feeds online. By following her at melaniepapalia, one can get the opportunity to know how the star spends her time. Her net worth remains undisclosed.