Canadian Actress Allie Bertram's Net Worth and Career - Know All About Her Source of Income.

It takes less than a second for your destiny to get changed. Fate just changes its path before we even realise what happen. A similar incident happened in Allie Bertram's life. Allie Bertram's line of business took off when she participated in the reality show called ‘So You Think You Can Dance: Canada, season 1’ . Just 18 years old, Allie ended up in the 2nd place with Nicholas Archambault as the title winner of the show. Although Allie didn’t win, she didn’t wobble and continued what she loved doing. In no time, with much more dedication and long haul, she was able to come up with the net worth that ranges up to millions.

Allie Bertram’s net worth

As of 2015, Allie Bertram’s net worth is around $7 million; but she doesn’t earn that much money from her dancing only. She gets it from commercials, features and sponsorship. Her yearly income wouldn’t be less than $183,007 ; a round figure that is reportedly claimed in the media. And when she started doing movies, her net worth grew even more. Her income in 2015-2016 went uphill to $823,529; where an estimated amount was 947,059.

Allie has featured in movies like ‘Leap for your Life’, ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘In their Skin’, ‘Radio Rebel’, ‘Holiday Spin’ and ‘The Pregnancy Project’. Along with that, she has also appeared more in TV series like ‘Motive’, ‘Psych’, ‘Smallville’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Fringe’, ‘Mako Mermaids’, ‘Mr. D’, ‘Being Erica’; all of which that has helped her net worth rise so high.


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Allie Bertram’s Career and movies

Before anything initiated, in 2008, Allie engaged herself in the reality show known as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ season 1; and with extreme hard work, she managed to finish the competition in second place. Later after 3 years, in 2011, she got called upon to play as a dancer in Sucker Punch with popular faces like Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Browning. The movie made $89,792,502; out of which, Allie succeeded to settle down with $1,266,968 in her account. 

Soon after her first debut movie, Allie signed up for Radio Rebel and she played the character known as ‘Kim’ besides Debby Ryan. The movie was out on February 17th, 2012 and she scored $588,235. The movie talks about a story of a girl whose timidity feeds on her; but there lies a secret about her when she is in the bedroom. Later in the same year, ‘In Their Skin’ hit the theaters where Allie occupied herself as Bridget. We might not know how much the movie really made; but Bertram netted $457,516 out from it. 

On September 30th, 2013, Allie’s ‘Leap 4 Your life’ came out on big screens where she accomplished to hold $784,314 in her deposit account. The movie falls under the ‘Comedy’ genre and it revolves around trying to demonstrate that “Winning isn’t the whole thing…  It is the only thing”.