Canadian actor Joshua Close's Relationships in 2017!

October 11, 2017
First Published On: October 11, 2017
by HitBerry

People love being in single life. They can come and go as they please and stay out as they want. But when it comes to the personal lives of celebrities, it's hard to digest that they are still in their single life. We have a similar case on a Canadian actor, Joshua Close.

From the celebrities who prefer to keep their personal life away from the media, Joshua Close is also one in the case. Well, recently it was rumored that Close is seeing someone. So is it true? Let's find out.

Joshua Close's Relationships

There are not much of information on Close's love affairs. After years of dedication to the film industry, Joshua recently rose to fame with the hit series "Fargo". Despite being one of the recognized artists, it's hard to believe that his love affairs made the headlines.

In 2015, Joshua got in the news when he was cast in the TV series, Black List. People started wondering about this handsome and began to surf the internet to know his personal life.

Joshua Close, source: IMDb

So the big question is Who is he dating in recent days?

The personal life of Joshua has been behind the curtains for many years. You will be surprised to know that Close hasn't spoken much about himself in an interview.

When it comes to his love affairs, it's hard to believe that Close never caught the eyes of media when it comes to dates. You may see him with another woman but they are just his co-stars.

Joshua Close with actress Rachel Miner, source:

It's obvious if you are famous then you probably get attached to the social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. But Close don't even have any social media accounts yet.

And you know, his pictures are rarely found in the media. While observing his different pictures on the internet, he looks over 35.

Joshua might be dating, but he hasn't made it official yet.  We hope in near future, close speaks more about his personal life. As Joshua's fans want to know more about him.

Who is Joshua Close?

Joshua Close is a Canadian actor born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Close began his acting career with a movie named K-19 the Widowmaker in 2002. Since then, Joshua has appeared in several movies and TV shows including The Pacific, Dairy of the Dead, The Plague and much more.

Joshua Close at Fargo, source: IMDb

But his acting career took a flight when Close starred in hit TV series Fargo. Apart from these, you can also see him the series including 12 Monkeys, The Blacklist, and Person of Interest.

Joshua Close at The Blacklist, source; TV Guide

You might also recognize him from the movie "In Their Skin" and also as a person who starred in opposite James D'Arcy and Selma Blair.