Camila Alves, who has 3 kids with husband Matthew McConaughey aged 3 to 7, pregnant again???

August 10, 2015
First Published On: August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Camila Alves is a model with dynamic figure. She can make any man swoon. But it would break their hearts to know that the 33 year old model, who hosted a reality TV show “Shear Genius”, is married and even has three children with her better-half Matthew McConaughey.

Moreover, Camila and Matthew are parents of three kids and they spend most of their time with their family together.

This hot model has spent three years of her life with her lovely husband Matthew. Her personal life is very interesting as she has three healthy children with her husband named Levi, 6, Vida, 5 and Livingston, 2. And speculation has been going on that they are expecting their fourth child.

Rumor began with a Hollywood after party. “Camila had her shoes off under the table and didn’t have a sip of alcohol all night,” The source dished. “She was stuffing her face with food, something she rarely does; she had two servings of dinner before hitting the dessert table!”

That’s not all! Camila also seemed to be feeling some unease in her feet and seemed keen to get home. “It was obvious she couldn’t wait to get home,” the source said. “Camila had a difficult pregnancy with Livingston. This would be unexpected new, but they’d be ecstatic.

Sources have asserted that the actress’s husband is very eager to have their next kid. And all these rumors are making us curious whether the pair is ready to expand the size of their family or not, as it would not be a new thing for the parents of three to add one more kid to their family.

Gossip started when most winners were rejoicing their Oscars success at one of the countless parties earlier this year; Matthew McConaughey had a special idea in mind. After picking up the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his standout performance in Dallas Buyers Club, Matthew reportedly told his wife Camila Alves he wants her to get pregnant again. “We won’t stay at the after-party long – I want to go home and make another baby!’ actor said.

This news supported the gossips going on in the Hollywood circles. But it is not clear yet what’s the situation is right now?

Matthew and Camila got married in 2012 after being engaged on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. The parents to three kids are extremely happy together. For them, their first priority right now is family rather than their work.

Camila is a presenter as well as a fashion designer. In April 2012, Alves was signed on as the new face for Macy’s clothing line. Her looks and her trendy style make her unique among all. She is considered as one of the best models in the industry. She is very famous for her TV show “Shear Genius”. 

Camila is 5’ 9 tall. She has African and Portuguese ethnicity. She started her career at the age of 19 and is very much active on Twitter and Instagram as well. She shares her family pictures with her fans via Instagram.

Although their marriage has crossed four years, the love between them has not faded. Camila has been a great support for her husband and her kids.