Cameron Dallas is now with girlfriend Rachel Bentley. See how many girlfriends he had in past

If you see YouNow you may probably know what's going on. If not Cameron Dallas the YouNow star seems to be dating someone. He has always been telling that he was single.

But as people has been continuously spotting Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley together for quite a long time, what is one suppose to believe. Cameron recently clarified about his past and present relation. So is Cameron really dating Rachel Bentley? We don’t know if you get amazed knowing about his current relationship status but we bet you will get shocked after finding out his past relationship.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley

Relationship between Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley

Cameron Dallas and not officially announced girlfriend Rachel Bentley Cameron Dallas and not officially announced girlfriend Rachel Bentley 

The relation rumour of Cameron Dallas and Rachel Bentley and their recent lip-lock picture is really roaring out. The picture of this person being close doesn’t go with the claim that he made of being single. The photo of this not officially announced couple has been emerging from quite a few months.

Cameron and Rachel kissCameron and Rachel kiss

Cameron Dallas also posted a picture of them saying he was taken but it was just an April fool joke. But their fans were not really convinced as they really seem very close.  Cameron now has confirmed that he is seeing Rachel but he also says that they were never official and he is still single.




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So what do you think? How many relationship Cameron has been in?

Cameron Dallas while playing Truth and Dare game with his fans in recent YouNow live stream video he told about his relationship history. He surely hesitated at the beginning but he revealed the true number of relationship he has been through.  


Cameron Dallas, 22, is mostly spotted with different hot girls at a different time. Every time he has been asked about the girls he was with his only answer that’s nothing more than friends.  When he first answered about the number of a girlfriend he has his answer was 13,000. He said 'Okay, I just got to 13,000. Nevermind! Oh… that was a lot easier than I thought.

And then later he again changed his statement and told that he only had one girlfriend and her name was Jasmine. According to him, Jasmine was in his junior year. But along with many of his fans, we too disagree the thing he has said.