Caitlin Stasey confirms her Marriage with Actor Lucas Neff by sharing her Romance and Dating Rumors

February 28, 2017
First Published On: February 28, 2017
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Caitlin Stacey is a gorgeous Australian actress from Melbourne, best known for her role as Rachel Kinski in the movie Neighbours. The talented Australian actress first gained her fame for roles in the films like Tomorrow, When the War Began.

The 26-year-old Australian actress is married to her longtime boyfriend Lucas Neff with whom she has been in a relation for over 3 years. She got married to Lucas in a very private ceremony which she kept far from the media, however, she confirmed her marriage some months later.

Caitlin Stasey got Married to Actor Lucas Neff

Has Caitlin got married? This might be the most frequent question her fans want to know about her. Yes, the former Neighbours star has got married since 2016 but she kept it as a secret until late 2016.

Australian actress Caitlin Stacey

Australian actress Caitlin Stasey

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The very famous Australian actress Caitlin started her romantic affair with the Raising Hope star Lucas in 2014. During their over 3 years long relation, they shared a lot of good times with each other. After being involved in relation for a quite long time, they decided to be together legally.

Lucas Neff and Caitlin Stacey

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Despite the fact that Caitlin is from the media sector, she didn't want to make the media know about her marriage. As per some sources, she married Lucas in early 2016 while she only confirmed it in October 2016.

She took her Instagram to confirm about her marriage where she posted a photograph from her marriage. The pictured seemed to have been taken in January. In the photo, Caitlin was in the satin dress glancing at her handsome partner while holding a small flower arrangement in her hands.

Lucas Neff and Caitlin Stasey in their wedding

Lucas Neff and Caitlin Stasey in their wedding

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Caitlin and Lucas also shared their photo from their wedding in January but at that time, it was pretty unclear whether they were married or not, however, their latest pictures confirm that the couple is legally married.

Caitlin and Lucas are now married for over a year and their relation is becoming stronger as they move ahead with each other. The couple is romantically celebrating their married life and they have not given birth to any child and they don't seem to have a baby in next few months at least.  

Know what Caitlin revealed about her Sexuality

The very well-known Australian diva shocked her fans and the whole media from her statement about her sexuality. During the time, she was not married, however, she was in the relation with her current husband.

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The very humble and frank actress has never shown her shyness to speaking and she just revealed the fact that she sometimes feels like a lesbian. She said, 'I've always known I was mostly gay' She also added,

I know it troubles many people for me to refer to myself as a lesbian considering I have a male partner. ...I'm trying to steer as far from labeling as possible. Compartmentalizing myself only leads to condemnation & contradiction. I'm happier being fluid and I'm happier being honest

Whatever she told about her sexuality, her fans are not agreeing with her and it is also little hard to believe for us that she feels like a lesbian as she is in an affair with a boy and also she is often seen with her male friends.