Businessman Jared Kushner enjoying family life with wife Ivanka Trump and kids!!

September 1, 2015
First published on:September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Summer is coming to an end, but the fun has only just started for Jared Kushner and his family. The businessman and father of two enjoyed a cool yet luxurious seaside vacation in Italy last week with his wife Ivanka Trump and his two angelic children.

His former fashion model wife took the honor of posting the beautiful and memorable pictures of their vacation on Instagram. The daughter of real estate mogul Donald Trump posted several pictures of her husband and her two adorable children Arabella, four and Joseph, on her Instagram account.

The family seemed to have enjoyed every second of their trip to Italy as the couple looked like they were on Cloud Nine with their son. Their clever daughter also took several snaps of her brother like a professional.

The father, aged 34, clicked a picture with his small yet cute family as his wife shared the picture on Instagram with a caption:'A little sight-seeing followed by a lot of Gelato!'

The photograph was liked by thousands of Trump’s followers and they praised and complimented the couple for having been blessed by the cute children

One of her fans wrote, 'Beautiful photo, thank you for sharing.'

'Your children are the cutest,' wrote another one.

Despite all the love, hatred hit the wife of the business magnate quite hard as several of the haters slammed the beauty queen in the name of her father Donald Trump and his candidacy for the presidential election of 2016 and all the controversies that follow him.

'@realdonaldtrump will do to America like what he did with his business [sic]... We need a real American like u as president,’ one hater wrote.

The Kushner family has been the prime target of all the hates and criticisms from those who disagree with Donald Trump’s controversial candidacy. Jared, as a son-in-law of the entrepreneur, has been under the radar of criticisms, along with his wife ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the president of the USA. But despite everything, the lovely family has managed to keep everything at bay as they enjoyed their holiday in Italy, staying far from the eyes of the critics and haters.

Jared’s beautiful wife also shared a single picture of herself where she was seen posing in front of a gorgeous Italian seascape in a beautiful white dress with a caption: 'Thoroughly enjoying the end of August!'

The snap met with positive feedbacks from her followers.

Besides this, the writer and mother of two posted a photo of Jared and her a year old baby Joseph at the doorstep of their residence in their pajamas. The couple also shared several pictures of their son, again in his pajamas, holding a stuffed Cookie Monster toy with a caption that said, “2 Cookie Monsters.”

The busy parents managed to find time to spend with their kids, halting their extremely busy schedules. Ivanka Trump is the principal owner of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry and Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection that produces fragrances, footwear, handbags, outerwear and eyewear whereas her husband is a businessman and an investor. He is the chief owner of Kushner Properties which is a real estate holding and development company of his family. He is also the owner of The New York Observer.

Jared and Ivanka met each other in 2007 and married on October 25, 2009. They are enjoying the height of their career with Jared and Ivanka’s estimated net worth being $200 million and $150 million respectively.


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