Bruno Mars Love life decoded to Learn Relationship goals from Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez popular as Bruno Mars is a Hawaiian musician from Honolulu. Multi-talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and choreographer all at the same time is undoubtedly a musical enigma but is he a ladies man?

As per the records, Bruno has liked three girls ‘just the way they are’. And he wants to confess to one of them, ‘I think I wanna marry you’. Cute song reference, isn’t it? If you want to know who were/are the girls, stay with us.

Bruno Mars Love life decoded

As per the records, Mars presents himself as an honest man. Despite his fame, he has only dated a few hot Divas from Holywood, Three to be exact.

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Bruno Mars Girlfriend Number One: Chanel Malvar

Even before getting utterly famous, Mars started dating Chanel Malvar, in 2009. This was the first publicized relationship of Bruno Mars. They dated for a couple of years and broke up after certain years probably because his career was starting to reach new levels. It is also said that the song ‘It will rain’ was for Chanel following their breakup.

Caption: Song Mars sang after he broke up with his first girlfriend

Bruno's Girlfriend Number 2, Rita Ora

After the tragic number and the reason behind its release, The second girlfriend he dated was a famous artist, ‘Rita Ora’, who also first met on 2009, before both of their careers took off.

Bruno Mars and Rita Ora Bruno Mars and Rita Ora

It is believed that Mars was Ora’s love at first sight and they started dating after Mars broke up with his previous girlfriend, Chanel.

However, they broke up after certain time mainly because it was hard for them to manage time for themselves behind their tight schedules.

Rita Ora and Bruno Mars are no longer together Rita Ora and Bruno Mars are no longer together, Source: trend-chaser

After two breakups Mars finally found his miss perfect and is still living a sound life with her, so who do you think is his girlfriend number three?

Bruno's Girlfriend Number 3, Jessica Caban

The last as well and current girlfriend of Mars is Jessica Caban, who is America’s famous model and actress. With her, he has had one and only long term relationship and is still happily dating. The couple is dating since 2011, and now they are together for 6 whole years, despite their busy schedule.

Bruno And his Girl Jessica Bruno And his Girl Jessica, Source: Pintress

They live together and according to rumors that started catching fire in March 2017, Jessica is about to have a baby with Bruno Mars. Good news, isn't it?

Bruno and Jessica Dating Each other Bruno and Jessica Dating Each other, Source: Dailymail

Well, now let's take some valuable advice from Mars, on keeping the relationship alive and attaining goals:

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Kissing

When Rolling Stones asked about Caban, Mars replied:

"Jesus! She's my best friend. My rock. What's wrong with that? We're just happy."

And after a pause, he further added

"Until she reads, this You're never going to see me Instagramming at a party, I don't take my phone because I'm going to lose my shit."

Unlike other stars, who thrives on Drama? Mars avoids negative attention which is the key to his successful relationship.

"I thought when we made it, that means we're drama-free. I don't play that game. I don't want to say something stupid and mess this all up."

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are still going strong Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are still going strong

Before wrapping up, let's see a fan made video, which claims to have included all hyped affairs that Mars was ever linked in, have a look:

So, we do hope you all have a little idea of how to handle your Loved one? If yes, stay tuned as we bring more of your star's personal side to you.