Bruce Cockburn and his wife, M.J, who have been married since 2011, getting a divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   10 May, 2021

Bruce Cockburn is one of the most recognized singers of the industry. His career started more than 40 years ago and in his career he has composed songs for various genre ranging from jazz to rock music. He is a very versatile singer and imaginative as well. Bruce has written and performed theme song for the Canadian American children series Franklin: The turtle which was a hit among kids.

Although a bit secretive about his personal and dating life, Bruce in one of his interview has admitted that he was once in love with a married girl. According to him, he was in his 50s and when they parted way, it became a lesson for him.

Bruce married his first wife Kitty Macaulay in 1969. They had a daughter together but eventually divorced in 1980 due to some unknown reasons. This break up was however inspiration to many of Bruce’s songs. In 2011, Bruce married his longtime girlfriend M.J. They had a daughter together. While there are many talks of them getting divorced, none have been justified or proved yet. Rumors around the internet are growing but they are just some gossip that is fun to talk about.

For his talent and contribution to the musical industry, Bruce Cockburn has been honored with various awards. Perhaps one of the testament to his talent would be his thirteen Juno Awards win. In 2012, Bruce was awarded with the honorary Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal which further proves his capability. In March of 2001, Bruce was included in Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

According to him, Bruce’s interest for music emerged from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry who he had taken as his role model.  His most preferred music instrument is the Guitar. His first guitar was gifted to him by his aunt.

Like most of other super singers out there, Bruce also tours the world to give his performance among the people. It seems people eagerly await for Bruce to perform in their home town and the show is always houseful. The date of his tours can be viewed online in his websites. He is a sensation for people of his era and even today he is considered as one of the most influential male singer.

Nothing but a burning light (1991), Small Source of Comfort (2011), Circles in the stream (1977) are some of his best known albums. Some of his famous songs are Wondering where the lions are, Rumors of Glory, Lord of the star fields, The End of all Rivers, etc.

Bruce is active in social media, mainly Twitter and Instagram and often tweets to his fans. He has many followers who idolize him.

His net worth has not yet been revealed but is estimated to be millions of dollars.