Brittney Griner Net worth, Salary, and Career

Brittney Griner is the star of WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). Her prowess in basketball will definitely leave you at awe. In Yavey Yones, she scored 500 points alone out of 2000.

Whoa! That is we must say some amazing talent. She was even named as AP player of the year and honoured with the most outstanding Player of the Final Four.

Now, with all those talents and achievements, you might be curious about how much this basketball queen earns. Yes, this lady earns about a whole lot of money as much as $600,000 per year.

Regarding her net worth, different sites in the internet suggests different figures. However, on the basis of all the facts we have accumulated, her net worth is $2million..

As of now, she is working for Zhejiang Golden Bulls in China and earning huge, I mean really huge. Brittney is paid a massive sum of $600,000. Can you believe it?? $600,000 in a country where the basketball players are paid only $100,000 on an average.

To be clear, Brittney even surpassed another awesome player Anthony Bennett who used be the highest earner. She used to be paid around $49,000. Now, with that we obviously can say she is riding high in her career.

This player we talking about stands tall at the height of 6 feet and 8 inches. And the remarkable thing is she knows how to utilize what she has got. She wears a men’s US size. We must say she is bold and beautiful. It is even in the internet that most of her clothes are male oriented.

But that is not only the interesting part, the truth behind her dressing sense is her own sexual orientation. Yes, you heard it, She is not straight, she is a lesbian. But who cares whether she is into girls or boys, she is such an outstanding basketball player and doing her job well.

Apart from her professional life, her personal life is a bit complicated one. Or shoud i say unstable?? She got married to Glory Johnson which lasted only for 28 days. Man! She even surpassed the shortest Kim Kardashian marriage that lasted for 72 days. It was reported that they were not happy together.

However, Brittney have found love of her life once again. She has a new girlfriend, Lola. Her recent post on her Instagram shows that she is happy with Lola. We hope Brittney stays with her for the lifetime.

Now that Brittney has two baby twin girls, a girlfriend and a sparkling career to balance, she must be super busy.

Hey! Did you know that she has a huge interest in working with children especially the LGBT children? She wants to educate the children about the LGBT and bullying that they might confront.

Actually, Brittney has to say that she had suffered a lot of bullying back then and she doesn't want others to go through the same tragedy.