British Heartthrob Frank Dillane too busy for a girlfriend!! Juggling so many roles leaving him no time for dating

September 11, 2015
First published on:September 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Frank is the new British heartthrob and is known for crushing many hearts in Britain. The girls love him for his lean looks and they have supposedly voted him the sexiest young adult in Britain at the moment. He is known for his numerous on and off affairs with famous women in the industry.

Frank Dillane is the next break out star of the hit AMC show Fear the Walking Dead. He is also known for being the son of acclaimed British TV actor Stephen Dillane who plays the role of Stannis Baratheon in the worldwide hit TV show Game of Thrones.

Frank Dillane is known for his good looks and charming personality that have helped him gain fans worldwide. He is also a teenage heart throb among teenage girls for playing young Voldemort in Harry Potter series. He is currently cast as the lead in the series Fear the Walking Dead.

He is also known for portraying the character Owen Coffin in the critically acclaimed movie In the Heart of the Sea. Frank was brought up in a very creative environment. His mother Naomi managed a theater company called barebones Projects. His father Stephen was already a famed actor for his acting skills in many movies and TVC series.

Dillane’s first major breakthrough came when he was cast aside his father as a six years old in the highly acclaimed movie Welcome to Sarajevo. Frank is a trained actor and has a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Acting from the Prestigious acting school Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

The school had a strict rule for not allowing its students to take up professional work before graduation but Frank was given an exception as he was cast alongside his father in the Independent movie Papadopoulos & Son’s.  His exception came because the film was shot during his summer vacations and he had already graduated by then.

Apart from on screen acting, he has had a number of roles in on stage and Theater, out of which, his most prominent role was when he played the character of Candida in a play directed by the famous play director Simon Godwin.  He has featured a Ron Howard movie too, which was a stepping stone for his career. The movie is set for release in the month of December of 2015.

His most recent project is alongside Hollywood’s big name Dakota Fanning in which he plays the character “Keyes”. The film’s name remains undisclosed and is set for release early 2016. Frank’s career seems to be going in the right direction with him getting major works with the best in the entertainment industry.

He has also appeared as a guest star in the Wachowskis TV debut Sense8. He is currently filming for a Christian Jarvis movie based on the novel Maestro. The production company is all praises for him and have said that he is an amazing talent and has a sensational on screen presence.

His personal life has been kept away from the media and has never been rumored to have had a girlfriend or any incident of him seen dating has yet to turn up. He was voted as Britain’s hottest young star in 2014 by a teenage magazine in the UK. He is just 24 years of age and stands at an height of 1.77meters or 5ft8 inches.


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