Brian Kilmeade married Dawn Kilmeade and living happily together with their children

If we look at the news, you will find break ups and divorce scattering all over the internet on celebrities. But there is also news about the relationship that lasts longer than today's celeb love life. One of the couples is Brain Kilmeade and Dawn Kilemade who has been married for a decade and still their love life is going strong as always.

Brian Kilmeade, a Fox's News Channel television personality, married to Dawn Kilmeade back in 1993. With the success in the news career, Brian is the complete family man. So what is Kilmeade family doing in 2017?

Brian Kilmeade married Dawn Kilemade, 3 children together

Brian, who made controversial comments in past years, never made much of the rumors with his love affairs. He is one dedicated husband and is really committed to his beloved wife Dawn Kilemdae.

People believe that he got married back in 1993. And together, the duo has three children, son Bryan, two daughters Kirstyn, Kaitlyn who is all grown up. But in an interview, he says he keeps a strict boundary between his career and his family.

Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade, with his wife Dawn Kilmeade, source: Daily Mail

As the world praises their family bonding, Kilmeade family revealed to Fox News that they don't get to spend much of the time with Brain. After all, they are the like us, with a normal family. Just like that, few facts broke out in the media about this lovely family.

Brian Kilmeade with Dawn Kilmeade with their two daughters, source: Insider

Also, some sources once disclosed that Brain might quit his job to spend more time with his family. May be, he's waiting for the right time now.

What're their children doing?

Brian got the habit of making inappropriate jokes, comment and later apologizing about it, which makes him the cover of the news. But his other family members, on the other hand, like to keep their private life out of the limelight.

Brian Kilmeade with Dawn Kilmeade with their two daughters, source: Insider

The son Bryan Kilmeade is currently attending Syracuse University and is an intern in the football's team. Well, he is expected to be graduated in 2018.

Katylin their younger daughter, is interested in the musical theater. She worked as a member of the body language Dance Studio.

Brian Kilmeade with his wife Dawn and their children – Bryan, Kaitlyn and Kristyn. , source: heavy

The eldest daughter, Kirstyn, however, don't make much of the public appearance. While talking more their family bonding Kilmeade revealed interesting things in Fox channel. Kilmeade family was last seen together at the Fox News when Brian promoted his book Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates,"