Bria Murphy- her father, mother and more.

HitBerryPublished on   04 May, 2016Updated on   25 May, 2021

An aspiring Victoria Secret Model Bria Murphy dressed up pretty boldly for her mothers’ new TV gig. In fact, the V-neck has such low cut that we get to see much of her ample assets as seen from her Instagram feed.




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Daughter of the famous Eddie Murphy and perhaps his only legit wife Nicolle Mitchell, Bria is one of the five children they had together. Eddie went to have four more with other women.

Growing up in the footstep of her mother, she has been trying out her luck in the field of modeling and Victoria’s Secret Model, no less. I guess her father must be pretty riled up for her. 

"I think he's just going to cover his face," said Bria. Regardless, it seems she is good at what she does.

Eddie has had much enjoyment in his life. Although his only legitimate wife is Nicolle, he had been in a relationship with a fair share of women.

In 2014, Bria and Shayne both modeled for a lingerie shoot. We have to say both of them looked pretty fabulous.



Bria’s mother Nicolle starred in the American reality TV series Hollywood Exes and has a significant fan to her name. Nicolle and Eddy met in 1988 and after dating for two years, they got married. Eventually after thirteen of their marriage, Nicolle filed for divorce. Despite having a separated parents, Bria is close to both of them. Although Nicolle initially divorced calling "irreconcilable differences", it seems they are on good terms with each other