Brett Tucker has a new girlfriend!! Rumored to be dating Trilby Glover

HitBerryPublished on   02 Oct, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

Brett Tucker is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood and in the American Television Industry to come from Australia. Along with his fellow countrymen Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, he is considered to be the one of the most good looking actor to come from Australia.

Brett, at the moment, is rumored to be dating Trilby Glover. Glover and Tucker have been seen together at various events, acting romantically with each other. Just recently, they were seen at the U.S Open Tennis tournament together, where they looked like a couple very much in love. They were also seen in the Caribbean a few weeks back, which Trilby and Jason said was a getaway from their busy schedule and hectic life.

Brett and Trilby have yet to formally announce their union, but friends and family have stated that the two have been seeing each other for over six months now. Some sources also claim that they might soon start living together. This could mean that Brett and Trilby be getting serious in the months to come.

Brett Tucker, because of his striking good looks, has been known to date a number of celebrities in the past. He has been linked with over three to four women, all of whom are big names in the industry in America.

 His first relationship, after he moved from Australia to America was with Eliza Taylor.  Eliza and Brett, both hailing from the same country and both having recently moved from their home country to pursue a career in America, were reportedly dating starting from the fall of 2008 till early 2011. Eliza and Brett were in a live in relationship and were very much in love. They were very thoughful toward each other and helped each other prepare for various auditions and roles that they bagged in their early days.

After the abrupt end of their relationship, they both said that the decision to break up was made on mutual understanding, as at that moment they were both following different goals in their career, making it difficult to have a functional relationship between the two.

Brett then went on to date Hollywood’s most heard about celebrity Lindsay Lohan. Brett first met Lindsey at a party hosted by Paris Hilton and they instantly hit it off. However, their relationship did not last even a year. Brett has said that both he and Lindsay were looking for something casual and nothing serious.

Brett Tucker, who looks like he is well on his way to his thirties, is actually already 43 years of age. His ever youthful looks have always helped him in his career.

Brett, from his early days, was known for having the perfect body among his numerous co-stars and colleagues, both on and off screen. This was mostly because of his tall figure as his height is 6ft 1inches. Brett, unlike many of his American counter parts, is not much of a social net worker and is known to seldom tweet or post updates about himself. However, he can be followed @BrettTucker26 on Twitter.