Brett Cullen, married to his wife, Michele Little, is a good father figure to their daughter

February 29, 2016
First Published On: February 29, 2016
by HitBerry

Brett Cullen, married to his wife, Michele Little, is a good father figure to their daughter. And how do we know about it? Well, the talk about him being a great father is something we hear every day nowadays.
Although it is hard to believe- but most of us know that the actor, who has appeared in several TV series and movies is a father to his 20 year old daughter, Harper. But many of us may not know that unlike most of the parents, Cullen has a healthy relationship with his daughter. 

Cullen is a great father and a good role model for his daughter, Harper, who is now officially an adult. And we have gathered a few information on how well Cullen and his dearest wife raised their little girl, based on the rumors and talks about the married couple’s relationship with Harper. 

It is often heard that most of the Hollywood celebrities are so deeply immersed in the game of fame and money that they forget how their children are doing. And the divorces that are so common among celebrity couples greatly hamper the psychological development of their children. So it would not be wrong if we say that there are several kids in Hollywood, who are spoilt just because their parents are too busy to spend some time with them. 

But this is not the case with Cullen and his daughter. He and his wife are great people and parents, whose one and only priority was and is their lovely daughter. The pair has raised Harper in such a way that their behavior has made direct influence on her.

And it is often said that the American actor is a great father figure. He is a great guy, a loving husband and an ideal dad, who loves his daughter more than himself. 

Well, everybody loves his/her children, don’t they? So how do you think, Cullen’s love is special? Let us find out how he is a good and loving father.

There are several, who claim that Cullen is different than rest of the fathers. People talk about how he loves Harper and knows what is best for her. And as per the tittle tattle, he has never in his life forced her to do anything against her will. He always lets Harper take her important life’s decision. He is supportive in everything she does.

But most important thing is, Cullen makes her feel responsible and accountable for her actions. This is how he grew up and he wants his daughter to feel happy about what she does in her life. Though he is concerned about his little girl, he never really gives advices to her.

It is also heard that Cullen deeply loathes advices and suggestions. He thinks they are something harmful and they should never be given to anyone, not even your closed ones. He thinks that if his advice works out well that his daughter might get more dependent on her parents and if it fails that she might not trust him ever again. Aww! That is something only a loving father like Cullen would do, isn’t it?

And as far as we know about Cullen and Harper, she is a good daughter. Despite being a young adult, she acts maturely. And it is also said that the girl is responsible and dutiful. And she very well knows that ‘along with the freedom come responsibilities as well’. 

He is married to former actress Michele Little. They married after dating for several years and Harper was in 1995.

He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.