Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, who rose to height of sucess with the show, reveals his favourite moment in an interview

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Breaking Bad star Dean Norris, aged 52, sat with the PEOPLE magazine for an interview recently where he was asked five questions which he had to answer within 60 seconds. CBS’s Under the Dome actor seemed very excited and answered all five questions very enthusiastically and rather cheekily.

The actor was given a small bucket or pot (not sure what exactly) with five different chits of paper with questions printed on them. The Breaking Bad star’s first question asked him to reveal his favorite moment from his the Breaking Bad. He replied rather sheepishly. He said that his favorite moment in the AMC hit show was when he was over the toilet and he discovered that it was something. Wait what did he exactly say? Actually he said something in gibberish as if he wanted nobody to understand what he was saying.

The next piece of paper contained a question that asked him to give the best parenting advice as a father. He answered the question rather cunningly. He said, ‘My first period advice is get out of the house a lot.’ We must say he is one those guys who can easily tickle our funny bones with his puns and jokes.

Next came the most sensational part. The actor came across a very interesting question. The Terminator: Judgement Day fame pulled out third piece of paper from the bucket (or box. Whatever!). The chit contained a rather personal question. “What is your favorite song you sing to yourself in the shower?” While answering this particular question, the award winning artist had a pretty wide grin on his face and he answered that his favorite song that he loves to sing in the shower was something by Led Zeppelin. May be the Lethal Weapon fame did not want to reveal the exact song but from the look of his face, it really seemed like he loves singing Led Zeppelin songs.

The question answer session did not get boring at all with Norris’ funny yet honest answers. The fourth question asked him that if Hank Schrader appeared on ‘Better Call Saul’ how did he hope it would go? And the reply was, ‘I hope it goes down this way… I kiss his ass.  Dean Norris is a real badass.

And the last chit that he pulled out of the can just a few seconds before the end of the minute contained a simple yet a personal question about the actor. It asked the actor to say something about him that people may not know? And he simply answered, ‘I love gardening.’

That came as a surprise, didn’t it? It is difficult to imagine Dean Norris tending to a garden with his huge body and towering height. After the end of the Q/A session, the actor promoted his ongoing TV series ‘Under the Dome’.

The Breaking Bad star is currently married to his wife Bridget and they have five children together. The talented and charismatic actor has worked in numerous movies like Lethal Weapon 2, Total Recall, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Starship Troopers, Evan Almighty and many more. Dean Norris who looks like Oscar winning actor Jack Nicholson might not have gained equal amount of success in Hollywood as Nicholson, but he shares the same level of talent and passion for work. He lives with family in Temecula, California and he is known for his hilarious tweets on Twitter.