Breaking Bad actress Anna Gunn joining Wall Street Movie "Equity"

Actress Anna Gunn, best known for her role as Skylar White in the hit TV Series Breaking Bad, has been announced as a lead in the wallstreet movie ‘Equity’. Reports revealed that Anna Gunn has been selected for playing a lead role in the upcoming drama.

The new movie is about a scandal involving financial matters of an investment banker who must untangle the web of corruption which ultimately forces her to reconsider the rules of the world she always has loved.

The beautiful actress is best known for her role- Skylar White in the AMC series Breaking Bad. She played the role of Skylar, wife of Walter White, who is a high school teacher turned drug dealer. She has been loved immensely on the show. The character she played on the show has made her famous. She is a peach to watch because she really gets into the character and plays her role perfectly.

The talented diva, age 46, was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been in the acting industry since 1992. She was married to real estate broker, Alaistair Duncan from 1990 to 2009. They have two children together. Both are daughters named Eila Rose and Emma.

It has been suggested that the actress had plastic surgery on her nose while she was playing the role of Skylar White in the drama series. Many fans have written in their blogs about her nose job. Some fans mentioned that if you watched the two seasons back to back, of Breaking Bad, you can distinctly see the difference in her appearance. About these allegations of plastic surgery, she replied that she was actually sick during the filming of the show. And she was given Cortisone, because of which her weight was affected. She added that pilates and active parenting are responsible for Skylar White’s appearance, not plastic surgery.

The blonde bombshell stands tall at the height of 1.78m. She is known for her long legs and pretty feet. Apart from her role in Breaking Bad, she has appeared in a number of other series. Some of her works include the Practice, Deadwood. She has also appeared on Seinfield, as well as acted in a number of movies like Indecency, French Intensive, Junior, Without Evidence, etc.

She is one of the top 10 highest paid actresses in 2015. Her net worth is about $46 million. The talented actress is quite active in the social media. She has over 4 thousand fans in twitter and over thousand followers in instagram.

We all love the pretty Anna Gunn and will be waiting to what she has to offer on the new movie. We are very eager to watch this beautiful actress on the screen.