'Brand New' frontman Jesse Lacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

The list of sexual harassment accusations is growing day by day. After American producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment cases got exposed in the media, now over a dozen names have been included in the list.

Now, Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey has been accused of sexual harassment, and that certainly affected the band. Read the whole story behind:

'Brand New' frontman Jesse Lacey Accused of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor

In a Facebook thread started by Brian Diaz (guitar tech for the likes of Fall Out Boy and Guns N' Roses) earlier this week, Nicole Elizabeth Garey revealed that Lacey solicited nudes from her starting when she was 15, and he was 24. She also claimed that Lacey made her watch him masturbate on Skype.

Read Garey's full comments below:

All those allegations have now affected the band's current tour. Martha, a DIY punk/indie band from the UK were all set to back up Brand New during their shows in London and Glasgow, but now after all those allegations, the band has been pulled out of the scheduled shows.

It's the first response to the allegations that started since FB post on November 9th that claimed about Lacey's sexual misconduct with a minor. Martha announced the news through their Twitter account and initially earned some praise for the decision.

Brand New and Lacey has not responded to this particular topic with their next tour stop scheduled for Dublin at the Olympia Theatre on November 16th.