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Brad Kroenig's wife talks about being married to a male supermodel.

May 23, 2016
First published on:May 23, 2016
by John

 American supermodel, Brad Koenig wife Nicole shared some awkward moments and expressed how she felt about being married to a handsome guy.

I thought a guy with that career and that lifestyle could only be looking for one thing: A fun weekend. Some women may have been interested in that, but I was not.' Brad Kroenig's wife, Nicole Kroenig, shared with harpersbazaar.

She even told that Brad chooses her every day. Brad and Nicole have two children. Both boys enjoy being  photographed with their father.

My Instagram is pictures of Brad and the boys, and rarely one of me. For a few campaigns lately, Brad’s been photographed with our boys and a model playing their mother. My mom’s friends are always asking, “When are we going to see you on there?” That’s the last thing I would want! The few times we’ve had to be photographed together—including for this story—I completely clam up. I’m so awkward. It’s not good—which makes me more than happy to leave the modeling to the men in our family.

Sometimes, she feels annoyed to be around with him in public.

"My husband is not an actor, or a popstar or a politician. He is, however, handsome. He's 6'1"-square-jaw-dirty-blonde-five-'o-clock-shadow-handsome. If you saw him, he's so handsome it might take your breath away, or you'd at least turn your head."

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