Boxing star Andy Lee loses his middleweight title to Billy Joe Saunders, wants a re-match; spoiling for his next fight

December 24, 2015
First Published On: December 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Andy Lee, the first Irish boxer to win the WBO title in American soil in over eighty years, having recently lost his title, has been spoiling for a rematch. Or in fact, any fight that would bring him closer to the belt once again, really! He has said that he wants to retake what he believes is his and his only.

Andy has become very impatient after his title loss and cannot wait for his next fight to take place. He has said that as soon as the holidays are over, he is going to hit back on the gym and begin preparations. However, who Andy’s next opponent is going to be is a total mystery. But sources claim that it has already been worked out within the organization.

Andy has also said that he is looking to once again fight in America, where he has won most of his honors. He, after moving back to Ireland in 2013, has not been as effective as he was in America. He believes that America is the right destination for him to prepare and get back the title.

Andy Lee lost his title in Manchester in a grueling twelve round showdown to Billy Joe Saunders. Many have already stated that the fight was the best ever middleweight title fight in the history of this particular sports. The fight was a bit one sided after Andy was knocked out twice in twelve rounds.

The match at Manchester was one of the most anticipated boxing matches in British history. It was the first time two people from the famous Irish travelling community, known for their bare knuckle boxing, were going to fight for a world title.

After having lost the fight, during a press conference Andy accepted his loss with grace and acknowledged the fact that Billy was a better fighter on that day. However, he also immediately said that he will be having another go for the belt as he felt that he finished as the stronger fighter between the two after the fight, even after having been knocked down twice.

Even Andy’s opponent Billie felt that the match was not enough to tell the entire story and grit of the fighters. He also said “A re-match could even go”. However, he said we have to decide on a bigger venue next time round and his preferred location would be London.

Andy, on a personal level, has been a happy man in his recent years. He married his long time girlfriend Maud Lee a year back and sources claim that the couple might be expecting their first baby in 2016. Andy has also said he is taking a month off to spend time with his wife Maud, after which he will get back on the mat.

Andy is also a very popular personality among the Irish people. He has over 700K followers on social media. Most of his followers come from Twitter and Instagram. He is also a regular Twitter user and is known to tweet several times a day.