Boxing Legend Riddick Bowe, age 48, now at the edge of bankruptcy??

February 12, 2016
First published on:February 12, 2016
by HitBerry

Say hi to our very own boxer Riddick Bowe, who was once a champion in the world of boxing arena. But now, he is at the verge of bankruptcy, so much so that he is willing to tweet almost everything a measly sum of $20.

Bowe was the man who had once beaten up Evander Holyfield, who was regarded as the undefeatable heavyweight champion back in 1992. He then became the undisputed heavyweight champion.  He earned much of his fame back in the 1990s. And as for what he is up to now, it does not even deserve a mention. Perhaps this is how an empty pocket changes a person.

Germany was where Bowe won his last professional bout. And after that he has not fought professionally inside the arena in a formal match.

He had been rumored to have left his boxing career for $15 million dollars. That is really a big sum of money!! People say he agreed to the offer but we do not know for sure. All we know is he has been inactive since 2008 and is now going through a financial crisis.

“I want all Liverpool fans to die”

What??? Yes he really did post the damn thing on his social media page last year. No worries our dear Liverpool fans, he was forced to apologize publicly on the same social media after some time.

He later said he was just joking and tweeted what he did because he was jealous of how people loved Liverpool and not him.

Bowe is an avid user of social media sites, especially Twitter. “No matter what he publicly tweets, he is a kind-hearted man and a family person, sometimes impulsive and whimsical though” says insiders.

 48 years old Bowe is an American boxer who has held the record of winning 43 out of 45 fights. With this info we can know how good he was in his career. He is a healthy man standing tall with a good height of 6 feet 5 inches.

Boxer Riddick Bowe is also popular for his nickname Big Daddy. He got married to the beautiful Judy Bowe, who was once popular for being a model in the late 80s. He loves his wife very much. He is a father to son Riddick Bowe Jr. Our sources reveal that he always wanted to have a daughter, but unfortunately could not have one.

His net worth is not officially available. But knowing the fact that he is running low on money these days, you might not be interested in his net worth anyways.

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