Boxer Leon Spinks, age 62, thankful to his wife Brenda for helping him through his health woes

February 12, 2016
First Published On: February 12, 2016

Leon Spinks, who is having brain trauma since October 2012, said that he is quite lucky to have such a beautiful and helpful wife like Brenda who took care of him during his health woes and supported him in every day difficulties. He got Brain trauma due to multiple injuries to the head during the 46 fights in his Boxing career. Brenda has always loved her husband so much that when her friends had told her that why is she still with Leon, she replied by saying that she still remembers those earlier moments of them together who enjoyed every moment of life partying, drinking and dancing. Because of his brain trauma, he has even forgotten how to walk and talk. One of our trusted sources caught up with her when she brought Leon for treatment at Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas and it was found out that Leon doesn't even know the alphabets. Brenda was helping him remember them in a cheerful and sweet manner which proved their never ending love. She even told that she stills sees Leon as the young boxer who she met at a bar which started their love story.

Leon is a former undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and has 26 wins,17 losses and 3 draws in his Boxing career. He defeated Muhammad Ali to become the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion on 15th February 1978, which was only his 8th match in professional boxing. However, after seven months of winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Leon got stripped from his World Heavyweight Champion because he fought Ali in an unapproved match for the championship, He is also an Olympian and won gold in Lightweight boxing in the 1976 Olympic games in the USA. He is currently 62 years old and still working on his injuries he suffered from boxing.

Though he has already retired from boxing, however his injuries and financial problems have continued in his life. He was once homeless because he was financially broke. 

He has married twice in his life. He and his ex-wife Betty Spinks, married on 1988 and their marriage lasted for 16 years. He is now married to Brenda Spinks and she takes care of him very well. His son, Corey Spinks, is also a professional boxer and a former Undisputed Welterweight Championship. Cory is currently 37 years old and has retired from Boxing. He is married to Christy Spinks.

Leon has a brother named Michael Spinks who was also a professional boxer and an Olympian. He has won multiple gold medals in boxing at the Olympics and a former world champion in lightweight and heavyweight boxing divisions. He is nicknamed the Jinx because of his right hand jab. He has fought 32 professional boxing matches in which consists 31 wins and a loss.

 He is right now jobless and working on his latest injury. His possible net worth is around 20000 dollars.