Book Writer Mishna Wolff and husband, Jeremy Doner thinking of having another baby

HitBerryPublished on   14 Dec, 2015Updated on   09 May, 2021

Rumor has it, book author Mishna Wolff and her husband Jeremy Doner are thinking of having another baby.

Sources close to the American writer and humorist and her better half spilled the beans on their plans of having yet another baby soon. The insider informed us that the couple was quite excited to expand their small family of three.

The source revealed the couple’s plan and gave us a lot of details about the exciting piece of news. “Mishna and Jeremy are planning to expand their family pretty soon and they are over the moon at the moment. You won’t believe how very excited and happy they are to plan their second child and, more importantly, to welcome the baby,” said the insider.

When asked, when and why did they decided to have a baby all of a sudden and whose idea it was, the gossip monger excitedly revealed that it was Doner’s idea. They elaborated by saying Doner wished to have a large number of children. “Jeremy is quite fond of children, so it was him who insisted upon having another one. And he thinks that both him and Mishna are getting older. They are in their early forties, so he wants to have some more kids before they start turning old and weak,” the source said jokingly.

The anonymous source again added: “Well, it might sound a bit funny but it is true. Jeremy really thinks that they might get old before he could fulfill his dream of being a father to a large number of kids.

“Jeremy was ready with his plan for their next baby, but Mishna was ready. She didn’t want to have yet another kid when they already had one. She thought that giving birth to another child would only add unnecessary burden to their already busy and hectic life. She was totally against the plan, but Jeremy convinced her somehow and Mishna finally agreed. She was convinced after he said “I just want to have one more kid and I don’t think two kids would harm us in anyway”.”

Now that’s love, isn’t it?

So now that Wolff is ready, we can expect the good news any time soon (wink).

Wolff is an American writer and humorist, who published her memoir ‘I'm Down’ in 2009. The book primarily dealt with childhood and race. The writer married her first husband, stand-up comedian, Marc Maron in 2004. The couple divorced a few years after their marriage. Her marriage and divorce with her former husband inspired his stand up, podcasts, and one-man shows. Maron himself openly dubbed his behavior during their marriage as emotionally abusive.

After the divorce, she began dating Doner and they married later. The couple has one child. Both husband and wife are at the height of their career and the birth of their second child would surely bring more joy and happiness to their life.

Her net worth remains undisclosed.