Bond Girl Berenice Marlohe compares dating in America vs. France and talks about boyfriend Anton Yelchin

September 15, 2015
First Published On: September 15, 2015
by HitBerry

Being a Bond girl is an accomplishment in itself. There have been very few women who have been able to claim this prestigious title. Bond girls must be a fusion of sexy, smart, talented and a gifted actress. French actress Berenice Marlohe has got the perfect combination and was the best suited woman for the role of Bond girl in the twenty-third installment of the series.

Marlohe stunned the world when appearing on Skyfall . Her elegance and beauty was unmatched by any Bond girl and showed off her acting abilities, dispelling critics by her on screen presence. Following the success of Skyfall, being visible to a wider set of audience was a major career turning point for Marlohe. This gave her the opportunity to have chance to work in the American movie Industry which was what she had always been looking forward too.  

On coming to America to further her career, she has revealed that some things turned out to be totally alien for her. Like she says, she had to take time to understand the concept of dating because, in France or in the French language, there is no specific word designated to a meeting with a potential lover.

So, due to this, she found herself totally lost when it came to men asking her out on dates. The French beauty, who was rumored to be Daniel Craig’s love interest during and after the production of Skyfall, has said she enjoyed herself with Daniel very much as he was a true gentleman. She refers to Daniel as being very courteous truly British and above all Chivalrous.

Her latest romantic exploits also happens to be her co-star from her upcoming movie 5to 7. Anton Yelchin though a lot younger than Marlohe, she has said they share a chemistry which is unique and beautiful. The couples were seen in and around New York holding hands and expressing their love for each other, they were seen walking Marlohe’s dog is central park; they were photographed together while enjoying a dinner in the famous St.Regis Hotel. Anton has said that he and Berenice share an unhealthy obsession with each other in a good way.

Berenice has got her exquisite beauty due to her diverse ethnicity. Her father is of Cambodian and Chinese descent and is a very well known doctor in Paris. Her mother is a French teacher. Berenice’s career has exploded after her Skyfall fame and she has been cast aside Hollywood’s biggest names already. Her upcoming movies is 5to 7. It is set for release in the fall of 2015. In 2016, she will be seen staring alongside Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Rooney Mara in the much anticipated movie Weightless. She is also currently filming for another release in 2016 the movie is titled The Spoils before Dying.

Berenice is not active on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Her net worth is a whopping sum of $277 million. She owes most of her earnings to smart investments in stock holdings and substantial property holdings, and lucrative endorsement deals. She also owns a chain of restaurants in France and a Football team. She has also launched her own selection of perfumes and has a Vodka company to her name. Lastly, she has her personal fashion line which is very popular among the high class youth in France.