Bold and Beautiful Ashley Graham Missed 2016 Met Gala, No Designer Dress for her

HitBerryPublished on   12 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

"I'm fully aware that I'm being praised for something a lot of women of color have been put down for, simply because I'm white", says Ashley Graham in her memoir.

If you don't know the name, Ashley is a plus-size model, designer, and body activist. But the journey was not so easy for her. Ashley Graham recently admitted that she could not find a designer for her last year Met Gala. Rest is...

 Ashley Got revenge on Met Gala as Rihanna Compliments her

By now you must have guessed that Ashely Graham is a writer. Yup the 30-year fashionista has written a memoir, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty & Power Really Look Like. And you should read this book because she shares her untold story.

How many of you know women who are not at all afraid to say that they were molested? Few, right? But Graham is one hell of a girl who is bold and beautiful.

Ashley Graham in 2017 NYC Launch Event Ashley Graham at 2017 NYC Launch Event

Recently a new submission by the model and writer has surfaced. A flashback to the last year Met Gala, Ashely said

I couldn’t get a designer to dress me. You can’t just show up in jeans and a t-shirt.

Although she is not the first one to face such problem, she is definitely unlucky. For instance, Leslie Jones was lucky enough as  Christian Siriano came to her aid.

The problem as Ashley said was limited time as she was yet to be invited officially. Plus she had no great connections with Designers.

Ashley looked stunning as she arrived at the red carpet Ashley looked stunning as she arrived at the red carpet                              Source:

Nevertheless, Ashley made sure she got revenge on Met Gala. She made everyone's head turn as she appeared this year Met Gala 2017. Rihanna was one of them and even slipped a compliment as they passed each other.


Ashley Graham looked stunning in the HM designed gown at Met Gala 2017 Ashley Graham looked stunning in the H&M designed gown at Met Gala 2017 Source:

Yes, she got her revenge fair and square. Don't you think so? Ashely wore an H&M couture in the event.

Despite her size, the It model has proved that curvy women can also have a successful modeling career. As Ashley appeared in Sport's cover for swimsuitsforall in 2016 and Vogue's cover this year, she has been an inspiration to many.

Ashley Graham on Soprts' Swimsuitsforall Ashley Graham on Sports' Swimsuitsforall   Source:


The former Ford model struggled to reach this height of fame and success. There were times when famous fashion brand refused to dress plus size models. But now times are changing.

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The fashion industry has already seen a lot of plus-size models with Michael Kors put his first curvy model, Ashley Graham, on the runway.

Ashley at Michael Kors runway Source: Instagram

Certainly, the number of people accepting their body size is increasing slowly yet consistent.

Finally leaving you with a video where Ashley Graham delivers a thank note speech when she received Glamour Woman Of The Year 2016.

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