Bobbie Jean Carter and her longtime boyfriend are getting married

December 17, 2015
First Published On: December 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Bobbie Jean Carter, the popular American actress from the show House of Carter, has recently announced her plans of getting married early this coming year.

Bobbie and her boyfriend, who have been dating for quite a while now, announced their plans to friends and family earlier this month, according to sources. Bobbie, who is nearing her mid thirties, has said she considers it to be the perfect time for her to get married.

She has also expressed her plans of starting a family with her soon to be husband, a year or two into marriage. The marriage is going to take place in her home town Jamestown in New York. Bobbie has also said that she hopes her brother/Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will walk her down the aisle.

Sources have said that Bobbie is very excited for the wedding and has already begun organizing the ceremony with the help of her boyfriend and sisters. The wedding is going to be a small in-house affair attended mostly by family and close friends.

She and her boyfriend first met a couple of years back in New York and have been inseparable since then. Her boyfriend has also managed to win the hearts of her sisters, an accomplishment her previous partners failed to achieve.

Bobbie, who is already unofficially living with her boyfriend, is planning to move into a new house after their marriage. She has been looking at a place near her current house. For their honeymoon, Bobbie and her husband will be heading to the Greek Islands, a destination that holds significant importance for her and her boyfriend.

Bobbie, on a professional level, has not been linked to the entertainment industry in any substantial way. She has so far worked only in one TV show, “The Carters” which is a documentary reality show based on the lives of her siblings and her superstar brother Nick Carter.

Bobbie has also said that she has no plans to further her career as an actress and she is happy being a model and wants to continue doing so. Bobbie, at one time, was voted into the top ten sexy models in New York by a prominent fashion magazine.

As a model, she has worked for popular fashion brands like “Burberry”, “Ralph Lauren”, “Calvin Klein” and “Armani”. She has also walked for many prestigious fashion events in Europe and England. She is well-known for her various photo shoots for Swimwear and Bikini lines in South America.

Apart from professional modeling career, she has also been featured on a number of advertisements in America, Canada and South America. A couple of years back, she was in a super bowl advertisement. She is currently working for a fashion line agency in New York.

Bobbie’s net worth remains undisclosed.