Bob Knight to endorse Donald Trump at Indianapolis rally.

Former Indiana Hoosiers Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight would be endorsing the leading Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump when he would speak at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

On Wednesday night in Downtown Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, Trump would be honored of receiving the endorsement of another sports coach.

The former basketball coach would be seen joining Trump on stage at a rally in Indianapolis on Wednesday. Knight is making him the latest sports figure to stand publically with Trump.

 Political reporter Peter Hamby also tweeted about the endorsement in his official Twitter.

Trump was introduced by head coach Rex Ryan at a rally in Buffalo last week. Knight’s support seems less surprising as last year; Trump was called by Knight to praise him with a New York Times magazine reporter in the room.

Through New York Times-

I was slightly dubious about how “out of the blue” this really was, given how perfectly it was timed to my arrival, but Knight delivered a stirring tribute regardless. “No one has accomplished more than Mr. Trump has,” Knight raved after Trump informed him that a reporter was in the room.

News reported that Trump said-

“The truth is he did endorse me…We are gonna have Bobby Knight in Indiana in a week.”

Knight has contributed Indiana as a coach for 29 years. Trump is frequently observed using sports to plead the audiences for his support. Previously different athletes were seen supporting Trump.

The rally comes as Trump’s opponents Ohio Gov. John Kasich and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, fake a federal policy to disagree with his ability to win the Republican nomination outright.

Trump is not the only one republican candidate who is trying to attract Indiana through their favorite basketball game.

Trump is expecting to get a better support of Knight.