Bo Burnham DATING Someone Special; Is he Gay? Know his Past Affairs and Relationships

An American Hollywood star, Bo Burnham, started a career as a YouTuber in 2006 and is now famous for acting, singing, and music. The comedian has risen to fame with his multi-talent but what about his personal life? Is he married? If not, then who is he dating?


After being a known face to the public, lots of fans have a question regarding his relationship status but he prefers to keep his personal life secretive. So, without further ado, let me tell you all that he is not married till the date but who is he dating?

Bo Burnham dating someone special

If you are the follower of the comedian, Bo Burnham on his Instagram, then you must have noticed him with his girlfriend. Don’t you? Well, if you have not noticed, then we will let you know all about his dating life.

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CAPTION: Bo Burnham SOURCE: Pinterest

Without chitter-chatters, let's talk about Bo Burnham's dating relationship. He has been dating his imaginary girlfriend. We mean to say, he is dating a girl that he drew himself. And all this is going since 2013. He spent quality time with his imaginary girlfriend. If you don’t believe us, then just have a look at a few pictures of the couple.

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CAPTION: Bo Burnham sleeping with his imaginary girlfriend SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Bo Burnham imaginary girlfriend feeding him food SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Bo Burnham enjoying Friday with imaginary girlfriend SOURCE: Instagram

Well, as the media was kidding about his relationship rumors, he also sold us out with his humorous girlfriend posts. Hence, you have gotten sure about the relationship status of Bo, haven’t you? He is dating imaginary girlfriend.

Bo Burnham's Gay Rumors

Well, being at the age of late 20s, most of the people will definitely get involved in a love relationship or thinks of getting married. But if someone fails to do so, then there will be lots of question regarding their sexuality? So, comedian Bo Burnham faced the same thing.

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CAPTION: Bo Burnham SOURCE: The Edge

After he came to rise by his first YouTube video in 2006, lots of people thought of him as a gay. Still, the same thing is going as he is not found to be in any kind of relationship with a girlfriend. Even he has not spoken a single word regarding his sexuality.

So without proof, we cannot say anything about his sexuality and also we cannot stop others from talking ill of him. Only we can do, just wait for him to speak on it.