Blade Runner 2049 releasing this Friday, critics were made to sign a secret document on Premiere

Blade Runner 2049 will hit theaters on 6th of October 2017 this Friday. With release date shrinking more in, the movie is making a big buzz among fans as critics were made to sign a document in regards to its plot and story's revelation.

After the Las Vegas incident, Warner Bros held closed premiere ceremony, and its premiere red carpet event along with party was canceled out and was premiered in between a short, targeted guests.

Recently a PR firm called Indiewire in Texas handed out a sheet to some critics which went viral but don't worry we are not going to disclose anything regarding the short releasing movie here but can't help letting you guess what the document said about the film.

It's funny to see the instruction handed out on a flyer in regards to what to reveal and what not to in the media.
Though we know, the whole trailer of Blade Runner is a spoiler on its own but the filmmakers and the studio have a complete list of things which they want to keep a full secret.

Note: 2017's one of the most anticipated sci-fi, action Thriller multi-starred movies Blade Rummer 2049 is releasing this Friday, go grab your ticket and stay with us for more.

So, we suggest all Blade Runner fans to fill in the blanks of this highly classified document, we circulated through hitberry.