Bisexual model Abbey Lee Kershaw reveals whether she prefers boyfriends or girlfriends

December 24, 2015
First Published On: December 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Do bisexual women prefer boyfriends or girlfriends? This is the question that has come across the mind of every heterosexual guy at least once.  Mad Max: Fury Road star is one of the best person who could have an answer to that. The Australian model publicly identifies as a bisexual and has been in romantic relationship with many male and female partners.

In an interview with our sources, Kershaw revealed that she prefers having girlfriend to boyfriends. She claimed that she has always felt more connected to her girlfriends than her boyfriends. She also believes that women are better lovers than men.

“From my personal experience, I have found out that I can open up more easily to my female partners than my male partners. It may be because we have the same body parts or maybe because we have the same way of thinking”, the actress said to our sources.  “Also, women understand their lovers and recognize what their lovers want”, she added.

“If I were to ever get married, I would marry a lady. Men are also very nice, but men often get possessive and arrogant for no reason. And me, I personally do not like that”, the actress clarified why she would rather marry a girl.

Despite believing that girlfriends make better life partner than boyfriends, Kershaw has not yet revealed the identity even one of her girlfriend. She has formerly dated the likes of Matthew Hutchinson and Andrew Flynn. It is being claimed that the model is currently in a happy relationship with a woman at the moment. Reports suggest she might be making her relationship public in the coming months.

The actress is very fond of tattoos. She has 6 known tattoos on her body. Kershaw has claimed that she particularly loves the tattoo she has on her ankle and her bottom lip. The symbol of her Zodiac, Gemini, is inscribed in her ankle while the word “truth” is inscribed in her bottom lip.  She also has 13 piercing on her body in parts like her belly button and her ears.

Kershaw has shown a deep interest in painting. She personally stated in several of her interviews that she would have pursued a career as a painter if modeling hadn’t worked out. She pursues painting as a hobby at the moment. She creates abstract painting using oil pastels.

The hot model is also very active in social media platforms. Her Instagram @abbeylee has over 90k followers. Kershaw’s fans get to see pictures of the actress herself and her pet lizard through her Instagram regularly.  

Kershaw is one of the hottest prospects in the modeling industry today. It is natural that her net worth is very high. It is valued at over $2 million dollars at the moment.