Binky Felstead Pregnant with Ex-Boyfriend JP Patterson, The Pregnancy news Shocked her.

February 28, 2017
First published on:February 28, 2017
by HitBerry

Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead has revealed a news that will leave all of us shocked. Her full name is Alexandra Binky Felstead.

Her pregnancy rumors are getting viral all over. We all know that she broke up with her boyfriend some time ago. Who is the father of the child?

JB Patterson and Binky Felstead are back together.

JP Patterson is a professional rugby player, but from the past few years, we are seeing him on TV screens regularly as co-star of Binky. JP Patterson is the father of Binky’s child. The couple began dating after they did few shows together.


However, something went wrong between the couple and they stopped talking to each other. Pregnant Binky Felstead reveals that her heart almost stopped when she knew that she was pregnant.

'My first reaction when I saw [the positive test], honestly? It was "S**t",' she said in an interview with HELLO! magazine. 'My heart stopped. I burst into tears. Josh and I weren't talking at the time and I was really overwhelmed.'

Binky first thought that her training regime and strict diet were disrupting her mensuration cycle but it turned out to be more than that.

Binky Felstead mom had to tell JP that she is pregnant as the couple was not talking at that time. Her mom called JP and asked him to come around. Binky also told her other co-stars of the show that she is having a baby. She posted a picture on Instagram where you can see her friends touching her stomach.


Does this mean that the couple is back together? Well, I guess so. Binky hinted that she is back with JP and the sex of the baby will be revealed in the next episode on, ‘Made in Chelsea’. Good for them.



Binky also said that they are now spending more time together as things were not going right before. They are committed to raising their children together. JP has also posted a picture on Instagram and said, “I'm thrilled to announce the news is true, such an exciting chapter to our lives. What a year this will be”.

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