Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish, married since 1993, talking of divorce for the third time!!

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2015Updated on   16 May, 2021

No Hannah Montana fan could not know Billy Ray Cyrus. His daughter is always in the public attention. Miley Cyrus has been giving out one shocking revelation after another with her gay orientation. Well, many guys, me included, had a crush on the Hannah Montana starlet, but boy are people poles apart in reel and real. As for Billy Ray Cyrus, he played Miley’s father in reel and is her father in real life as well. Cool huh?

Anyways, Billy Cyrus is not the Billy we saw in the series. Well, we always expected Miley and Billy to live life the way it was portrayed on the hit Disney Show. But as mentioned earlier, boy is it different. Billy himself has gone on to many tours and is a great singer.

Billy and his wife Tish have long long long been in news together. And it is always for the same darn reason – filing for divorce and then withdrawing file. And then divorce rumors start again and again and again and again...

Before being married to his current wife Tish, Billy was married to Cindy Smith. Billy, a notable signer famous for his country style music, also wrote many songs alongside his then partner and girlfriend Cindy. However, they separated 1991. On December 28 of the year 1993, Billy then married Leticia “Tish” Cyrus. Tish has two adopted kids from her previous marriage so the two brought them home.

The marriage took place a year after their superstar daughter Miley Cyrus was born. They previously lived in Tenesse, but then they moved to the beautiful city of Los Angeles to shoot for the super hit teenage series Hannah Montana.

Billy had filed for a divorce way back in 2010 citing differences in their characters. But he withdrew his divorce petition after only a year. Unsurprisingly, Miley Cyrus, whose net worth is twenty times more than her father, was often asked about the relationship status of her father, which most probably, was very hard to digest.

Anyways, the pair seemed fine after their case was withdrawn, only for Tish to file for divorce in the year of 2013. Twitter was buzzing after that new, but Tish then withdrew the case. Many even slammed the two for faking their marriage situation to come in spotlight. Well, we are more than certain that that is not the case.

Tish did say their family was having a tough time and it was hard to think what would be the best move for their marriage. Anyways, she had withdrawn the case.

And recently there have again been speculations that Tish has filed for a divorce. And this time, it appears to be serious. While no one has disclosed this officially, we do hope that’s not the case. The family looks good in their photos on Instagram and it would be sad to see them being separated.