Liverpool’s Egyptian midfielder Mohammad Salah might be the hot stuff of transfer windows in January

HitBerryPublished on   24 Nov, 2017Updated on   23 Apr, 2021

 Liverpool brought a gem to Anfield last season from Italian club FC Roma. The Egyptian player Mohammad Salah now holds the title of highest number of goals (i.e. 13 goals in 8 games) for 2017/18 season of the English Premier League.

Apparently, Mohammad Salah is turning into hot stuff of EPL as he recently scored twice in his last game against Southampton. Every football team in the world be it a Spanish la-Liga team, German Bundesliga team or Italian Serie-A team, has their eye on the Egyptian. Even the Legendary Liverpool player of the EPL Jamie Carragher thinks that Salah has the chance to be one of the most prominent wingers in the premier league.

Formerly a Chelsea player too, Salah is currently in a good form and possess the ability to be in the best form if polished properly.

Many Hi-fi Spanish teams rumored to bid for Salah

Teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are considering to bid for Mohammad Salah as the transfer Window opens in January. Barcelona previously had their eyes on the Brazilian star midfielder Phillipe Coutinho who plays for Liverpool in the premier league. After long gossips, many controversies and despises from the Liverpool fans all over the world, it was almost sure that Coutinho would leave. Surprisingly, he didn’t but as the transfer Window opens every now and then Liverpool fans should not be happy for too long.

It is premier league and like Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres, every player transfers to reach new heights of success. Not to mention, the club sometimes may not be able to reject the money offered.

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Liverpool fans surely will react to this

In contrast to the high-priced bids for Salah which will obviously intimidate Liverpool Football Club, the fans will be disheartened. Liverpool fans are considered as one of the best fans EPL team has. In previous occasions too, we have seen the rage and agony of the English club’s fans as their star players left the club.

Not to mention, this transfer windows will be a tough one for Liverpool FC, fans will equally be affected. They will try their best to make their favorite player stay.

Although, the Egyptian powerhouse (some even say he runs faster than a horse) is gaining popularity his future is not certain. It is not sure how he will respond to the bids he receives. His future, as per the clubs saying is not sure as Salah has not given any hint about him staying.

Liverpool Fans, you need to buckle up for a rough ride.