Beverley Callard, who has been battling depression says she is going to make a comeback And more on her movies and TV show.

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Depression is an illness that knows no boundaries. It tears you down physically, mentally and emotionally and you can’t focus on your personal, social or work life. All you feel is loss of energy and loss of hope. Few people have the courage to speak out but there are millions of people who suffer from depression in silence. This makes handling depression even worse.

English actress Beverley Callard, who is known for her roles as June Dewhurst and Liz McDonald in ITV’s Coronation Street , plus Flo Henshaw on BBC Three’s Two pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisp broke down on set in Coronation Street has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts from the past. She had sunk into such deep depression that she’d lost all her confidence. The actress also told at times how she was in such a bad place; she couldn’t get out of bed for four days and feared that suicidal thoughts would creep in once again.

She was battling depression on her own before she broke down on set of her soap. The actress said, “At first no one knew I was struggling,” “I wanted to keep it a secret.” "But I was getting worse and worse each day. I was getting ready in my dressing room and I couldn’t take it anymore. Liz had to be dressed up for a certain scene – she had to wear a PVC outfit. “Fear took over and I started to cry. I thought, ‘I’m not confident enough to put this on. I can’t do it’.”

The actress had been signed off work for two months with depression and the whole scenes have been reworked to make good for her absence. But she is doing all that she can and taking proper medication to get better soon and come back to work strong than before.

The actress often tweets to let everyone know about her recent improvements in her depression battle, some of them go like, 'I'm getting there!!!! Thanks so much for all your good wishes xxxx (sic)' “Saw a new doctor today. Got hope!”

She also reveals how the support of her husband Jon McEwan and the Corrie cast has helped her to get through this clinical mental illness. The actress has also expressed her gratitude towards her co-stars.

Showing a lot of improvement she is going to be brought back in the TV shows. The actress herself told, “Fortunately – or unfortunately for some – I will be in those PVC miniskirts very soon,” she jokes. “From what I’m told, Liz will be back with a bang. I can’t wait.”

What triggered her depression is said to be the death of her best friend Anne Kirkbride who played Deirdre Barlow in the soap died from cancer aged 60.

The actress has been married for four times already and has 2 children from two marriages. She has a daughter, Rebecca Callard from her first marriage with Paul Atkinson and son Joshua from her third husband Steve Callard. After her divorce with Steve Callard she is now living a happily married life with Jon McEwan. Her daughter has followed he footsteps and entered the movies as an actress. Callard has not disclosed her net worth.